Hermes Special Orders - How long did yours take?

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  1. Beautiful! I like the stitching.
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  2. @Kkho Gorgeous SO! Congrats!
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  4. An oldie but goodie, for sure!! Thank you:smile:
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  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Your new baby is STUNNING! I love the contrast of BP with etoupe!!! I hope that you will enjoy carrying this bag for many years!
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  6. .
  7. Finally this beauty is yours
    One more gorgeous k to your closet hehe
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  8. Beautiful! The combo is very nice. The long wait finally paid off.
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  9. OMG! Yours is similar to mine, except my main color is etoupe and BP is the side and mine is retourne. Congrats! It’s so pretty! I wish mine is sellier too!
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  10. Wowza that turned out so much better than I envisioned!! Love the contrast stitching too!!! Drooling over sellier!!! Thumbs up sweety!
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  11. Thank you all for the lovely comments. Can’t wait to pick it up.
  12. She’s so gorgeous! Congratulations and hope you get to see her soon!
  13. Yipeeee
    Pick up more things
    And try another round of so if possible haha
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  14. Days shy of 2 years my raisin chèvre retourne K28 with longer strap finally appeared. :happydance::eek::drinks:
  15. PLEASE post a picture. I’m dying to see how the current raisin chevre looks!
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