Hermes Special Orders - How long did yours take?

  1. Congrats ayc! :heart: the rp contrast piping
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  2. Thanks! Sigh what to do.
  3. Thanks! I’m not a super big VIP sigh
  4. Nor for me. It really doesn't make sense for it to count -- what if you just bought a bag in January and shortly after got the word your SO is ready? Do you have to wait until July to pick it up?
  5. Hi ChaneLisette, I just wanted to let you know that I finally got the call that my SO is in store, ready for pick up. I hope your bag comes soon.
  6. Congratulations! That is so exciting. Please share pics when you receive it. ❤️
  7. Thanks dear. I’m betting on it not counting otherwise I need to make a trip to Paris in the next two weeks! I don’t live there...
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  8. 25CEFEE6-FEFF-405C-9D4C-42B51A1DE79E.jpg
    My Constance SO is here! 8 months. Etain with Orange interior and lining with Rose Gold Hardware. I’m in love
  9. This is beyond gorgeous. I would have never thought of Orange lining and stitching. Great choice!!
  10. Wow, this is awesome. I am not a fan of orange but I LOVE this!!
  11. Nice pairing with rghw
  12. it's absolutely gorgeous!
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  13. OMG! This is so pretty~ please show us more pics if don’t mind. ;)
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  14. I was at my boutique past weekend talking to the SM. I had my SO Birkin in Chevre with me and she mentioned that there’s a shortage on Chevre skin so future Chevre order may take a lot longer like 2-3 yrs. Shocked! I was planning to do a Chevre Kelly next. I’m afraid it may take forever now with combo of Chevre+ Kelly. I wonder if it’s really true...
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  15. OMG this is incredible!! congrats on a stunning SO!
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