Hermes Special Orders - How long did yours take?

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  1. Ive been waiting since 2016 b25 anemone chèvre and I thought the order was cancelled but apparently it’s still showing in the system. I have given up
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  2. Ooohh- that means it’s almost here, if you have given up!!
  3. :lol:
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  4. I hope so! And I can’t put in another SO until my current SO has been fulfilled. I asked so many times
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  5. So I guess I’m not the only one I have two SO from 2016 im waiting for a K32 Togo anemone and a K32 Taurillon Clemence Bamboo. What does they told you? Maybe is time to loose any hope ?
  6. Funny but (not funny haha) just true indeed. Agonizingly wonderful torture ... this is sounding weird. Hahahaah
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  7. Thank you for the info. I love both Kelly’s and Birkin. I use my Kelly’s more for work and my Bs for more casual outings. I actually just bought my Birkin 25 then a week after my SA offered the SO which I was both so surprised and grateful for. She did say when I place my order to forget about it and so when it comes in it’ll be a nice surprise.
  8. That’s the advice I was given too - to forget about the bags. But it’s been so hard to do. Haha. My SOs will probably come once I’ve given up on them.
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  9. About 5 1/2 months ... SO SURPRISED!
    B30 Chevre Myzore raisin outside with contrast stitching in rose poupre/ inside rose poupre/ gold hardware
  10. Sounds so beautiful I have had a Kelly 28 Raisin chèvre ghw on order for over a year now, so I would love to see photos!
  11. Oooooh sounds lovely. would love to see pics when u can.
  12. Got offered SO in Oct and just got the call last weekend--so 8 months. SA was off last weekend but going to pick it up this weekend. Cannot contain my excitement! Birkin 30 etain togo / bleu hydra, contrast stitching, palladium hardware.
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  13. Congratulations!! Please please please post a picture or send me one privately. I have a raisin chevre kelly in order and I would like to see what your dye lot is like.
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  14. Oh that sounds amazing! How exciting! Congrats on the bag and the short wait! Would love some pictures if you’re willing. You must be thrilled and over the moon!
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  15. Oh, that sounds amazing! Yay! Can’t wait for you to get it and hope you post pics!