Hermes Special Orders - How long did yours take?

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  1. I've ordered three SO's and received two of them just shy of a year of placing the orders. It's been well over a year of placing the third order and still no word on its expected arrival.

    So I placed a fourth special order in the fall.

    It came in on Saturday.

    It took 71 days for them to make AND deliver my birkin. Can you believe it!

    I went into the boutique on Saturday with my pooch to pick up the bag. She managed to completely mortify me by pooping on the floor. And still they sold me the bag! Gotta love it.

  2. MsA, you know we need more information about the SO!!!!
  3. 30 cm birkin, bleu obscure with tosca interior.

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  4. gotta love the pups!!!!!! :roflmfao: mine has mortified me quite a few times too... but still love her to death!

    congrats on your SO audrey!
  5. congratulations on your latest SO! blue oscure (almost black) coupled with tosca is a very nice combo.

    regarding your third SO, mind sharing what leather are you ordering? Perhaps it is the shortage of leather that makes the wait longer.

    For my own SOs, the waiting time range from 6 months to 2 years.
  6. CONGRATS dear!!!

    SO, usually 6mos to a year, but this 71 days makes me think H tripled up on craftsmen count^

    Per FdM events, it takes a craftsperson 12-15 hrs(varies w/ craftpeeps) to make a Kelly and the Kelly takes the longest to assemble bcos of the handle.

    Frd got her SO in 3 months, couple of years back, thot that was a record lol
  7. Congratulations, 71 days has got to be a record!
    And yes, my little one has shamed me a few times in Chanel. I mean, who poos in Chanel?
  8. 71 days is fab! I think sometimes it takes longer if you insist on "resting" leathers or colors but I bet if a batch of leathers suddenly takes the dye and ends up like eg RG instead of RC then it's "back"!

    Congrats on your SO!
  9. Congrats on your SO! I am not here to comment on the duration of SO because i have never been offered an SO and getting one birkin is hard enough for me. Lol.

    Im here to congratulate you on your order i bet they are sll beautiful. Do you mind posting a picture if you have the time? Tosca is my favorite hermes color especially when paired with gold hardware. What is the hardware on your SO?
    Please post pictures! Im dying to see :yahoo:
  10. Oh I am so happy for you!! Your SO sounds divine! So does 71 days LOL!

    Your pup can do no wrong....she should keep doing whatever she is doing....because it's working miracles!
  11. what a charming story. congrats on your SO!

    I used to order from the Equadorian line division (it's ready when it's ready) of the SO dept and all my SOs took 2-3 yrs.
    If I dont count my first order.
    And if I dont count the one that took FOUR years.
    And if I dont count the one that all records of mysteriously disappeared after 2 yrs and that I happen to see on the arm of a socialite around this time.

    One of my friends order from the same division since she just past her 2 yr anniversary on her SO.
  12. Audrelita, that sounds like a gorgeous bag!

    My SOs have taken between 6-12 months. As someone said, if they are making items in that color/leather, they all seem to come together.

    A PO, on the other hand, I have been given in 2-3 months.
  13. Now I am mystified, Seton. What does the Equadorian line division make? How do you know yours is coming from there?
  14. Oh, and yes, I have had a SO wallet promised for two years only to have it "disappear." I just said to forget it.
  15. sorry, lu. it was a (lame) joke. :smile:
    I explained it in the parenthesis. Equadorian line cooks take their sweet arse time giving your food.