Hermes "Spa Treatment"

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  1. Does the spa treatment help rubbing on the corners of the bag from just usual use? Do scratches & such come out okay? My bag is a mess and I wanted to get some input form girls who have had their bags cleaned.

  2. Yes to all your questions. Results will vary depending on leather and the seriousness of damage to the bag. Most of the time I am shocked with the results. The difference is like night and day.
  3. So far everything I've sent in came back looking like new. Manuela in BH, CA is AMAZING as is Claude in NY!
  4. hermesgoupie take a look at my pic for me please!
    the raisin birkin..see the corner. I feel down the stairs about 6 months ago and before hitting my head my birkin hit. see the lighter purple marks...

    its togo. She is at spa now. going on 5 weeks being gone...this week

    what do you think they will do to fix it?

    also there are scratches/not tears or rips but something like that/snags...something like that....on my bag on the bottom. will they fix. you can see white basically. does that make sense?

    ALSO there is another mark like that on my new clemance brighton birkin...barely can see it but in different lights. like oyu can see a little white. can they fix that?

    thanks for your help
  5. ^^^No problem!!! You should see my travel Birkin!!! I would show pictures but you'd report me to Hermes for bag abuse.:p Not to worry, looks like you scuffed it or rubbed some of the exterior dye off. My travel Birkin sustained the same damage from being kicked, yes kicked, under the seat and thrown about in the overhead bin and it cleaned up beautifully.
  6. okay so it can be fixex? yeah the raisin birkin on the edges I scraped some of the color off

    but on the bottom...its like its stratched.

    same on the clemance brighton blue I think it got a little scratched and the color came off

    but it can be fixed? what do they do?
  7. were you the kicker....or did you kick the person that did it?
  8. ^^^^They buff the scratches down and I think apply some dye to even out the color. Keep in mind, no one can do anything for deep scratches and gouges. Superficial scratches are no problem.
  9. yeah the ones on the bottom of my raisin are light...surface scratches....that you can see white under...but its not deep deep.

    same with my clemance brighton blue....which mind you...I bought that way...very light scratch if you want to call it that......

    but what will they do to the edges/trim of my raisin....should that come back good as new?

    thanks for all your help! you need to get consulting fees from hermes!
  10. my SA said that someone like got a super deep scratch or gouged...the front of her birkin and they sent it to Paris and they took the front panel off and replaced it totally. I bet that was $$!!
  11. Yes, in that case, it has to be sent to Paris to match the leather. It probably did run her a few hundred dollars. BTW, don't be misled by the NYC store. I know Claude keeps rolls of leathers behind his desk, but they are for decorative purposes only. When we are replacing leather pieces they need to be sent to Paris to match the leather and color. Besides, those rolls of leather have been sitting behind him for years and they're probably very dry by now.

    To answer your question, togo and clemence can come back as good as new as long as severe damage has not been sustained.
  12. I am just glad no deep scratches for me! I am not in NYC so I dont know Claude!

    well it sounds like all my scratches that exposed a little white will be totally fixed and hopefully the edges of the raisin where I scratched off to expose a light violet will be too?

    thanks for all your help
  13. ^^^Claude's great! But go in with a sense of humor when you meet him. The man is a clown and a great practical joker! I wish I could tell you more but he may whack me with one of those rolls of leather if I tell too much.
  14. Little tip from me: The white marks can be removed with a light application of Meltonian shoe polish in neutral. It has worked wonders on those white marks not only on my bags but my friends' as well, some non-Hermes.
  15. thanks again! 5 weeks tomorrow is when they mailed the bags to the bev hills I hope I get my bag soon!! I appreciatre the help