Hermes Spa Treatment for Small Accessories

  1. Last spring, I got the urge to get one of those cute watermelon coin purses. My SA checked all over and could only find a purple eggplant. The eggplant while cute just was not a watermelon plus I did not like the shape. So I started to be on the look out for one. Within a short time one of our pfers put an older one up for sale on the marketplace. I jumped on it since I knew how hard it was to find and because I knew that H spa could bring it back to almost new.
    Once getting it I ran down to my H store and sent it off for spa treatment. My lil' coin purse went off to Paris no less. I waited eagerly anticipating how cute it would be.
    Here are some of the before pictures:

    My SA called about 5 months later saying it was in. I was so excited . . . until I saw what they had done or more to the point what they had not done. It looks like nothing but put a bit of polish. The watermelon seeds are not restamped, the stitches are not resewn and the seeds on one side are smeared. I really am saddened. I need suggestions as to what to do next. Do I send it back?? Do I pull out my black shoe polish or my children's markers??

  2. Oh no Sus, I'm so sorry to hear this happened. I would definitely have a conversation with my SA about it; I'm sure they'll remember that it did NOT look like this when you sent it in or they would have made some notes about it on the sheet of paper that went with it. Let us know what happens. I know how disappointing this must be, especially when you were looking for this gem for so long and had to wait another 5 months to get it back. I'd be really frustrated.
  3. Thanks Orchids.
    Love your avatar; is this something new?
  4. Sus, I just noticed your own gorgeous signature photo after my post! Looks like we may be bag twins!
  5. Oh NO!!! What is going on with H's spa treatments lately?? That's terrible.
    I would absolutely have a talk with them. And not a super nice one either. It's of course in no way your SA's fault or the fault of your local store, but they need to know about this unacceptable damage and pass along that the repair department must be held accountable!
  6. That's really disappointing. I'd speak with your SA, definitely don't use a marker!
  7. I'll take it back to my SA. I think that I will print out some of the before pictures also to show him. I'm saddened because I really expected it to come back with an almost new look.
  8. I am so sorry! Do take some before pictures with you when you go in. Thankfully you have pictures and don't any attempt fix-its. They owe you new. I can't believe they sent it back like this. The person who worked on it knew the damage done and released it without a word. I hope they keep records of who works on each item because this is inexcusable. Unless you are in Europe, why would they send a conditioning to Paris instead of CA or NY?
    adding: conditioning meaning stitching can also be done in LA or NY. I am assuming the black was not smeared when you got the purse.
  9. Thanks for your advice Encore Hermes. The smearing came from H which shocks me that it would leave Paris that way. I don't know why it went there vs. stateside.
  10. Yea I hate to say it but lately the spa has been sending out some faulty products. They really do need to check the product THOROUGHLY before sending it back to the customer.

    Shoot and my SA wonders why I'm so nervous whenever I send something in to be serviced. Pisses me off quite frankly whenever I hear/see occurances such as this.