Hermes Spa Before/After

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  1. My Lindy is Evercolor leather.
  2. Thanks you all.. I should probably call them on Monday as I chose to be informed by email only.... Could be the same case like The.M !
  3. Dropped off my B30 in London on 13th August, I received the quote 14th August and she was ready for collection 19th September. I had told them I’d like it back by November as going to Paris, but that was super quick! Not a lot needed doing, the main issue was the separation at the back of the handle. That was repaired along with most of the resin being redone from the feel of it (feels very slightly sticky), the end of the top flap needed it, a little bit on the handles and even the clochette. Corners look better too. I was only charged £75 and received a new dust bag!

    7B8F305A-B028-4908-A754-90F569A3C89D.jpeg 325C47A9-992B-49C5-92C1-CB52F447ABA6.jpeg 82197887-FA7C-499B-8F81-B152C60E95A9.jpeg F622605F-D9F0-4B6E-A157-06ECCF870867.jpeg CD600405-F1E2-4BDD-B93B-71E52983C133.jpeg C87C8B76-7571-4404-8D2B-F9FA9BD1A707.jpeg
  4. This is all nicely informative but maybe I'm not up to speed on the usage. What does "reins" mean -- does that refer to handles?
  5. I think @xiaoxiao was typing quickly and the auto correct changed RESINS into REINS, LOL!
  6. Oh, love this thread, can we ask other questions re: spa.

    My poor gator Kelly pochette is pretty scratched and has two water spots. I don’t think I understood how delicate exotics are when I got her. Should I send her to the spa and then baby her going forward?
  7. This is so funny. Though it is Hermes, so undoubtedly they did offer reins at one time, considering that saddles are still available!
  8. :lol: you sure know me well! :flowers:
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  9. Thank you! (I'm not really sure what the resins do except maybe bring out certain tones and undertones in the leather?). (If nobody answers I'll assume it's a yes). :smile:
  10. :yes:
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  11. Exotics are delicate when it comes to moisture and heat so be careful :smile:

    My understanding is that water marks can't be reversed :doh:
    I'd send it the spa and see what can be done.

    Good luck!
  12. Resin is used to finish the edges on certain styles of bags. In the pic I’ve attached, the bag on the right has it’s edges sealed in resin. I actually took this picture to compare a 12 year old Hermes box leather kelly on the left with a brand new Moynat box leather Rejane on the right but it’s also a good picture for showing the different ways leather edges on bags can be finished. DCF5EC03-B052-465C-B72B-50081E4B8DCC.jpeg
  13. They are both beautiful!
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