Hermes Spa Before/After

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  1. Hi,

    After doing a quick search on the forum, I couldn't find a similar thread except for individual posts.

    I thought of creating this new thread to post before and after pictures of Hermes pieces that have been restored/serviced by the Spa with a description of the leather, vintage, work done etc.

    I hope this is useful :smile:

  2. I’m following as I have a bag that I bought from a reseller that needs a serious spa treatment! I’m excited to see these before/after photos! I was quoted $1500 to save her - so that tells you what kind of shape she’s in..
  3. Ouch, seems like she really needs it! I hope we get to see great results on this thread :panic:

    I found a vintage bag with the exact specs I'm looking for but needs serious treatment. That's what gave me the idea of starting this thread to see what kind of magic can H Spa perform.

    Let's wait and see :girlsigh:..
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  4. Lovely idea!

    I have only kept pictures of one example (B35 Prune) and unfortunately no before and after pictures of the corners but if you zoom in, you will notice the bag had deep scratches and spots where the leather had come off. The local artisans were able to make the bag look young and fresh again.

    C075B81B-4F1F-4564-AE36-801A02A502D8.jpeg 6225BBB2-427F-48BF-A923-04D9714715B8.jpeg

    I brought in bags in worse condition which reappeared in excellent condition but unfortunately hardly ever took pictures.
  5. Thank you for sharing..
    She looks lovely! I've always wanted Prune (and I still do!) but the color is no longer available :sad:

    I did the same thing, took a bag to the Spa without taking a before picture to compare. I think I should start doing that from now on.
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  6. My store had a Prune Lindy this summer, so don’t give up hope, though second hand probably would be the easier option. Hope you can track one down, I adore Prune.

    Agreed, every time I regret not having taken pictures. Need to remind myself from now on!
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  7. This is the best news I heard this week!! THANK YOU
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  8. Also don’t forget Bordeaux which is very similar to prune. :smile:
    Anyway back to topic, looking forward to more before and after posts!
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  9. I had some pretty bad color transfer on my Lindy from my jeans so I took in to the spa. The whole process took around 8 weeks. The artisan managed to get most of the color out apart from one spot where the stain was especially bad - but overall, I'm satisfied with the results.

    Attached Files:

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  10. I never really took before/ after pix, but I have to say over the years I’ve taken my fair share of bags to spa. One thing really surprised me is how well toile spa’d! People in the know probably can DIY but I was too afraid to. My old gal had jeans color transfer like there was no tmr, but it came back brilliantly, to my utter surprise! The most “useless” leather to be spa, to me, was fjord and Ardennes, because they are so hard wear. I sent them to really fix a couple of corners, but the rest of the bag looked good to begin with. Surely they came back look like new (once again, they were almost perfect to begin with)! And box too! Sent a BBK back in the days to fix corners and it came back like brand new.

    The other thing really surprised me, without being a leather expert, is how the reins REALLY refurbish well, and they last quite awhile. If a bag is used on a daily basis, def after a year or two it needs to be spa’d. I don’t quite know what the process is to “reglaze” (if that’s even how it’s called) the reins, but to me, the details like that is what makes the bag looks new or worn.

    Great thread!!! Hope to see some amazing pix. :tup:
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  11. 3E6EEFAF-CF12-4CDD-BB28-F52D69C5E11F.jpeg
    I made a deep scratch on my Ardennes leather bolide during overseas travel, I took it to H spa and after waiting for 2 months, when I took it back I could hardly find the scratch. They also made a general cleaning so the bag came home clean and fresh. I was very happy.
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  12. I sent a bag to spa 3 weeks ago but still haven't gotten the quote yet... Last time it took them one week to call me . How long did it take with yours ??
  13. Around a week for them to provide a quote.
  14. Wow this is amazing! What type of leather is this?
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Yah, I'd rather leave it to Hermes too than to DIY an expensive piece - you never know what can go wrong and there is no going back lol.

    Do you mind sharing how old is your box.. I always thought of getting a mini vintage box kelly but I still haven't seen one in an almost perfect condition. I'd love to see before and afters of Spa'd box leather.

    Looks like nothing ever happened - i'm amazed!
    Thanks for sharing.
  15. I took my vintage croc sometime in Feb'19 and completely forgot about it - and lost the receipt too *oops*.
    I contacted the store recently and they told me they sent me quotes and I never replied; I never got their emails.
    Long story short, I approved the quote last week and I haven't heard back from them regarding a timeline..:doh: