Hermes/ South Coast Plaza Sale

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  1. Men's and Women's ready to wear, shoes, hats and glove

    Thursday July 30th - Saturday August 1st.
  2. I got my notice today too. I wonder why it says "credit cards only"...
  3. ^hmmm, I dont know:thinking:...wonder why.. they dont want cash??:nuts:
  4. Maybe they don't want us running in with wads of cash..maybe easier to keep records? Who knows. Either way, I'm going.
  5. It is always credit cards only. Every sale.
  6. What a bummer! I wish the sale was this week since we'll be in town for our Disney trip. Oh well, have fun to those who end up going!
  7. ohhhh~ fun! when is everyone going? would love to say hello :biggrin: if we meet and see each other~~
  8. Has anyone been to the SCP sales yet? Any updates ladies??
  9. I went yesterday. Clothing, shoes and hats.
    Clothing is kind of grey, black/white color tone.
    A good selection of hats. Few sandals, high heels, flats. Nice, but ran out of my size already. Close to $400 a pair.
    Did not get any item from sale. But got a 2009 red cow key charm! :smile:
  10. Ditto what Mimi said regarding inventory.

    I guess there was a line when they opened, but when I stopped by in the afternoon it was pretty quiet.

    I did pick up a pair of super cute orange sandals, though they weren't exactly a "bargain." With tax, they were still $500...
  11. congrats to Mimi ~the cow charm is really cute!

    congrats to graycat~ orange sandals sounds lovely, would love to see a pic!!
  12. My "bargain" sandals:

    Attached Files:

  13. That's gorgy graycat!!! Love the sandals!!!:woohoo:
  14. graycat5: Those are true H sandals! Love them!

  15. Anyone been here recently
    may stop buy today
    anything good