Hermes & Sopranos

  1. Don't know if anyone watches the show but last night Carmela was carrying an Hermes shopping bag...and her friend Ro told her "Let's go shopping, Chloe, Dior, and a kelly!"

    I wanted to be there!!!
  2. Can't wait to see this episode- missed it last night!
  3. It plays again tonight on HBO2 I believe. 10 pm EST I think.
  4. Whoo hoo! Love that show~
  5. She mentioned the "Kelly bag" again just before the ending. I was dying to see her wear it. But alas, no luck.

    Also, Ro looked surprisingly sexy and just like she fit into the Paris scene. I was shocked! :shocked:
  6. Someone was saying when she walked out of the hotel she was carrying a black hermes. I don't know my hermes that well though.
    If you have OnDemand the episode is available to watch anytime :smile:
  7. I saw that!! Didn't see a kelly though....I did of course catch the orange bag and the comment. In the beginning before she went, her DH Tony gave her a "real Louis Vuitton" wallet filled with lots o' cash!! My dh laughed as he knew he's seen that brand lying around before lol!! That was neat to see Paris like that...
  8. My hubby noticed the LV wallet too...was so surprised he recognized it. I focused in on the wads of cash in it lol
  9. She had a black kelly bag for just less than a second on screen in the last scene in Paris. That was one of the better episodes this season.
  10. Carm was actually carrying the Hermes shopping bag early on, but it was later that they mentioned the Kelly. Come to think of it, the shopping bag she had was not for a handbag, but larger than a scarf. Could have been shawl size. Given the way they dress Carm, I don't see her with a black Kelly. Maybe an orange or cyclamen:yes: She likes colors;)
  11. I loved the shopping references in last night's episode!
  12. Yes, when she walked out of the hotel near the end of the show, she had black Kelly in her hand.:yes: You could see it for a couple minutes!!! I think she also had a Hermes hat (when they were sitting in the cafe she was trying to put it back in the box). I could be wrong though. I will have to watch it again and be on a look out for it!!!:lol:
  13. When she was in the church, she had on a scarf-- Hermes? I wonder what they are trying to say about Carmela by her wearing Hermes. At least she's got good taste in something. Everything about her husband is gross. Anyone catch the look on his face when he was in the car with the stripper? I almost barfed. He looked like a blowfish.
  14. ^ LOL. Yes, both my DH and I thought that he was having a seizure of some sort. :lol:

    But I missed the brief Kelly debut!:sad:

    As for the Hermes shopping bag sighting, I agree - looks like it was sized for a scarf but all I saw was her pull out a handsome hat at the restaurant.:love:
  15. I thought he was having a heart attack lol!! Thankfully ds (17) wasn't in the room at the time...I was disappointed as I thought Tony was "better" since he almost died...oh well! She does have nice things...