Hermes SNEAKERS anyone?

  1. I am officially inlove with the H sneakers...

    when i was in paris, i caught a few ladies wearing them in style paired with their fur coats etc... i vividly remember a lady with patent black H sneakers = they were so gorgeous!!!

    pity when i was in the store that time, they didnt have anything nice that caught my eye...

    anyone here shares the same love as me - i wld love to see past styles as the SA told me that the designs change every season...

    want more enabling - pics... info... please!!! TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I would love some H sneakers...but I have never seen them. I would buy them sight unseen, though, that is how much I love wearing comfortable/stylish shoes!
  3. I saw some nice ones the last time I was at H but they were $780. Granted they were definitely attractive and high-quality but at this point I can't justify spending over $800 w/tax on shoes with an irreplaceable rubber sole.
  4. aren't they called the "quick" shoes or something like that?? maybe that's a diff style......i've always thought about getting a brown pair for my DH, but he might freak..... LOL!
  5. I have a pair of the gold quick shoes...very comfy...
  6. I have about 50 pairs of Nikes, so maybe it is time to upgrade... the price of these runners aren't so ridiculous considering Nikes can be $200.00+

    Here's the picture from Bluefly:

  7. I like them. :smile:
  8. ooh, so that's what they are called - quick shoes? (quite an amusing name, lol)

    I called them sneakers, runners in the H store, lol... & i believe there are not many diff kinds of sneakers avail in H...

    the ones i was able to see in the H store while in paris (dec) - they were not very stylish to speak...

    prices were rather "affordable" considering they were full leather shoes. If i recall correctly - prices started from EUR480 - 550??

    one of the style seen was with the H perforated logo at the side - that was the 'cheaper' version & it came in either gold or silver trimming - i almost wanted to get this (for the sake of owning a pair) but my DH felt they look almost non-hermes quality (read: abit cheap looking)

    the ones i loved were the style that came with the kinda 3-D H logo at the sides (i believe they are in leather, cut in shape of H) - this were the style spotted on the parisian ladies & i saw one in patent black leather, another one was in dark brown base with gold H logo sides (if i recall accurately)

    i am someone that wld never be caught in runners but i am most definitely willing to wear H sneakers now, hahahaha

    anyone with more pics - please contribute as i wld love to see what were the past styles produced. TIA! :biggrin:
  9. I love them and have been wearing H sneakers for about four years. I'm on my third pair.
  10. I would also love to see a picture of them. Would love a pair in black patent, think I will make a few phone calls tomorrow??????
  11. I like those sneakers, but I'm not sure I would wear them. I'd be scared to get them dirty. :amuse: They are so white!
  12. yum sneakers, i have the exact pair in the picture, so comfy. i love to own the black or brown one. but i didnt tell my animal loving friends that they r made of kangaroo, think they'll freak out.
  13. oh i like the white ones at bluefly. i can definitely see myself wearing them despite me not being a sneakers type of girl.
  14. I've had two pairs of 'quick' shoes - both bought in the sales but having worn them for some years I'd be prepared to pay full price for them because they are so comfortable and hard wearing - the irreplaceable rubber sole put up with hundreds of miles of walking before is showed a scratch and only very slowly wears down - you pay for quality! Hope they bring out soem more in SS 2008.