Hermes sneak preview at Bulefly today!!

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  1. this is one of those times that bluefly drives me crazy. i'm sorry, but 10% off does not an "outlet price" make....even if it's hermes.

    add to that the fact that they've been caught selling fakes numerous times, and i just don't even bother with them any more.

    lol...sorry to turn your D&S post into a vent :smile:
  2. I so agree with you. 10%? are you kidding me? and Bluefly is selling some fakes out there. so, ladies think twice before you bluefly! :Push:

    ps: notting against your post rinstar311 ;)
  3. Ooo I will def check this out!
  4. One of the ladies here on the purse forum emailed Hermes and they said that Bluefly is not an authorized reseller of Hermes, so I would think again.