Hermes SMAC Bag (Limited Edition)... a definite keeper?


A keeper?

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in getting the Hermes SMAC Bag. Has anyone personally see it? What do you think? Is it a keeper? I love its unique and edgy style.

    Would love to hear advice and feedback. Cheers!

    jt04441-01.jpg jt04441-02.jpg jt04441-06.jpg jt04441-08.jpg HER90294_2_enlarged.jpg
  2. Sorry not for me
    It looks too busy
    I preferred simple h style
  3. Not a fan at all. Reminds me of that horrendous LV one they did a few years back.
  4. If you love it, go for it.
    Definitely not for me.
  5. It's not something that I would buy, because I don't like the style and shape for me.
    But as long as you love it, that is most important :yes:.
  6. It looks like a miniaturized, inconvenient golf bag. And whether that's good or bad depends on the potential buyer. ; )
  7. I would worry about the function of the bag - the opening on the top seems kind of small, but the bag is deep. It would be difficult for me to retrieve anything in the bag.
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  8. I agree with this. Also, it looks like a something that could be used as a cooler, so maybe if you want to tote around chilled champagne, it would be very convenient and practical!
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  9. And I think it looks like a boombox. It’s a no-go for me.
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  10. -1
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  11. not a fan
  12. No from me as well, there is so much going on in the design it looks haphazard.
  13. This also looks to be at least 25 years old. Probably from the time H was getting a little experimental with their bags (Sac Himalaya, anyone?)
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  14. I think it’s cool!
  15. This is an older style for sure. I've seen it before in this exact combo with the ostrich and the yellow interior. It is reminiscent of the Himalaya and President bags :smile:
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