Hermes skirt

  1. Sorry this post is not about Hermes bags. I collect Hermes scarves and have my first black togo gold hw Birkin coming my way in the autumn/winter order. Can't tell you how excited I am!

    Last weekend I tried on a black Jersey skirt with beige stitching around the hemline, waist and vertically around the midriff. I also tried on the tan H slides. The skirt was £730 ($1400 or so). I've never bought clothing or shoes from Hermes, so just wanted to see if any of you had any feedback. Thanks a lot!
  2. Sorry, I can't help because I'm not into Hermes RTW. I'm just giving this a bump, so vermillion and/or aspenmartial might see this and answer you. Both of them are the most likely to know what you're talking about :p
  3. Thanks mrssparkles! The slides (by which I mean the summer slippers with the H on them) were to die for too. I will most definitely get them this weekend. Compared to similar casual summer sandals from Prada/Gucci, even Bottega, they are great value at £270.