Hermes sites that do layaway


Jan 18, 2009
Any one know if any sites that does layaway on Hermes, other than Ann's Fabulous finds? I want to buy a Birkin but I need a time payment plan.
Mar 10, 2006
Valley of the Sun
i think the luxury portal does layaway, but with a sizeable non-refundable deposit any reputable re-seller would likely consider your request for layaway.

As a matter of fact, i sold my first birkin on layaway this past summer when the economy started getting bad. I took a 30% non-refunable deposit and then gave her 45 days to pay the balance. we documented it all with email and used wire-transfer. it worked out beautifully, but she had 100% positive feedback as a buyer and so did i as a seller! btu it does require an element of trust!