Hermes Singapore tPF Meet

May 1, 2007
Singapore/Hong Kong
I can fly in on the weekend of October 21-22. I live in Thailand but Liat is my homestore.

The Regent has a very nice High Tea Buffet on weekends and the space has just reopened after a renovation. Thoughts?

Also, perhaps we should announce that we are making plans for a meet in the Singapore shopping thread as many may want to join in but may not subscribe to this or see this. I will reach out to a few Singaporean member friends by PM as well.
I agree, Regent has pretty good High Tea Buffet [emoji106] My home store is at Liat too [emoji847] Let's keep our fingers crossed we can set a meet-up soon!
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Jessica Val
May 16, 2008
A morning brunch on 14 or 15 Oct maybe? Oryx, are you able to change your visit dates?

I'm also free this Sunday if anyone is up for a last-minute meet. And Tuesday I'm going to Taka H in the afternoon.