Hermes Singapore tPF Meet

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  1. There're quite a number of Singaporeans here in Hermes sub forum. It's great knowing fellow locals on this forum. Shall we meet up for a dinner or :drinks: ? We could even visit the store together if you like. :yahoo:

    mrssparkles, amandakmc, wongnumber, Katyc, Gigi, Accessorize*me, TammyD? What do you think? Or anyone else who might be interested! :tender:

    Sarahcantiik, you mentioned that you will be coming over in Dec right? When would that be?

    C'mon ladies, it's :party: time.
  2. Queenie,

    I am glad you have initiated this. For pure, wholesome pleasure and Hermes friendship. TammyD and I had talked about it and reckoned how fun it would be, and she offered to host us ... I wonder if her offer is still good? TammyD?
  3. I will PM Sarahcantiik, in case she misses this thread. I was going on vacation and missed her just very recently.
  4. MrsSparkles, Queenie - Yes, I'm on!! Would be glad to host everyone at a lovely venue I'm a member of.

    - Thanks for initiating this! Woud be so much fun!
  5. Ladies, when are you doing this? I'll be in Singapore the first 2 weeks of February in 2007. I'd love to meet up with all of you.
  6. ^^Kou, I must meet you in Feb! To make your trip here purposeful (I know it's to spend time with your fiance), fix some job interviews?:yes:
  7. Would love to meet you, kou!!
  8. There most certainly can be more than 1 tPF get together :yes: :yahoo:
  9. Oh yes, westiepup, you are here in Singapore too! Wanna meet?

    I think we have 4 ladies already ...

    Eric, how about a trip here to meet us all?

    Buffy, you are not too far away either!

    This is gonna be fun, fun, fun ..... :party: :party:
  10. Sounds exciting ladies!! I hope you all have a blast!!!
  11. Ladies, this sounds great.

    Do you have any dates in mind yet?

    I'm still in the midst of gnashing my teeth over renovations in the house and am frantically busy at the moment. But would definitely try to free up time for this get-together.
  12. I have yet to own any H stuff? May I join too? :girlsigh:
  13. ^ Of course you're welcomed!

    MrsS, this idea came from you in fact. I would love to meet you ladies.

    Kou, I wanna meet you again!! We can have another one in Feb.

    Wongnumber, which date is good for you? How about post X'mas?
  14. I'd love to join too... can I? ;)

    I can make it anytime other than 29 Dec-1 Jan, coz in-laws are in town :sweatdrop:
  15. Thank you! I will be back in Singapore on 5th Jan :smile: