Hermès Similes and Metaphors

  1. I saw some feisty lobsters at the grocery store this afternoon and bought them on impulse. When I got home, I googled for Thomas Keller's Butter Poached Lobster recipe, and found the following webpage which shamelessly copies an old NYT article:

    Why did I post this? Because Florence Fabricant describes Keller's lobster like this:

    What else can you compare to Hermès?
  2. A blogger describes Angenlina Jolie:
  3. Coco-nut you sure come up with some interesting posts here! Never in my wildest dreams...
  4. Would you believe that even fatuous information technology nerds compare things to Hermès bags?
    Silly and unnecessary?? Oh my.
  5. This is from a review on salon.com of Jerry Hall's reality show where she searches for the ideal "boy toy":

    Wait!? Isn't a Birkin bag the Birkin bag of arm accessories??
  6. Interesting.
  7. All this is interesting, and also funny....Well done Coco-nut!!:yes: