Hermes SIESTA China owners--suggestions for matching flatware?

  1. For months I've been looking for sterling teaspoons to go with the Siesta china pattern. I already have and prefer stainless flatware for everyday use but I'd like sterling teaspoons when serving tea/coffee with this pattern. I've looked on eBay for antiques but most of them are too fancy for the already detailed Siesta pattern. Any suggestions? What do/would you use? I'm open to any brand, including Hermes and Puiforcat. :smile: Thank you!
  2. Just in case, here are pictures of some Siesta pieces. Thanks again!



  3. how do you like this one by robbe&berking? or what about the galea or malmaison series by christofle?
  4. I don't have any suggestions for love the pattern of the teaset and know you have exquisite taste Lucy! Good luck...
  5. What beautiful items! Those would just brighten up anyone´s day!
  6. hey there! I just completed my collection last week with 2 serving pieces.

    I went thru the same dilemma....I wanted Hermes flatware but it was too modern for this setting so I bought this...

    and shoot...I just realized it went on sale. crap.

    and I had to buy the hostess set from another site.
    I really love it. The price is EXCELLENT....and I use it everyday now.

    I am going to see if I can dig up pics of it next to my China....
  7. here are some pics I dug up that I sent to my mom.

    yes, I realize I set up the table mom lectured me on that.

    I am still trying to find a nice thing to put under my glasses, I don't like what I have just ignore it for now!

    all I have left is my water glasses and wine glasses, etc
    flatware.jpg flatware1.jpg flatware2.jpg
  8. I really did want something Hermes, but all of it is really heavy and modern and I felt this needed something pretty and elegant....

    and I just re-read you are looking for teaspoons! but this setting sells them in and I love it.
  9. I have some ideas for you, but do you prefer clean lines? Intricate work? Bold? Slim? Modern? Old world? Classic?

    Tell us what you lean towards 24.
  10. Thanks for the replies, everyone! :smile:

    Lilach, great suggestions! Christofle's Malmaison is actually in my top 3! Do you think it's a bit too formal for Siesta, though? The Robbe & Berking pattern might be a little masculine for what I'm looking for, though, but thanks very much.

    Guccigal07, what a deal! It's stainless, right? Lovely set-up. I'm actually looking for pure sterling because I really like the patina of silver. I seriously considered Hermes as well but they don't make pure sterling, just silverplate. Puiforcat definitely makes sterling but I haven't had a chance to really explore their patterns. Looks like you're having a lot of fun with your china!!

    KB, thanks--good idea; I should have mentioned my preferences. I prefer something pretty simple, not a lot of fluorish, and with more curves than angles. Siesta, as you can see, is a busy pattern, so I think I'd like something that won't clash.
  11. yes! i need to have a dinner party. I have been too busy. anyone want to fly into visit me for dinner?
  12. Where are you, guggical07? I'd love to come by! I'll bring tea and macarons! :smile:
  13. OK 24...perfect. Let me think. I shopped often for china and silver.

    I totally agree that Malmaison is gorgeous, but it is a bit formal for your pattern. I think your pattern needs elegance, but a tiny more casual. Yes, curves I I go.
  14. That's terrific, KB! For a few months I looked and looked, to no avail. I finally gave up but I'm trying again! Can't wait for your suggestions!
  15. direct flight into Texas!!! haha.