Hermes Showers!

  1. In the face of the Hermes Showers we're experiencing this week, I can not for the life of me remember all the beauties that have been purchase and/or received by everyone. So I thought I'd compile a little list just so we can keep track....and plus I'd rather not do any work right now since I'm a little P'd off at one of our employees and need a BREAK!

    So, this is what I've come up with and it includes accessories too!
    (please add to it 'cause I know I'm missing stuff....)

    Orchids: 35cm Rouge Vif Chevre Birkin, 35cm Vert Anis Togo Birkin
    Nathansgirl: Fushia Ostrich Bern Wallet
    Dressage Queen: 32cm Blue Roi Chevre Kelly
    Japster: Vintage Meile Croc Kelly, 35cm Rouge Garance Birkin
    Croissant: 35cm Black Togo Birkin
    LaVan: 25cm Prune (but we like Aubergine better) Mysore Kelly
    Shopmom: Vintage Cocoan (?) Croc Kelly, Gloves, Scarfs (Palefroi & Pavement)
    Pinkish Love: Rouge H Crock Birkin
    Amkur: Blue Jean JPG Birkin
    Hermeslady: Carpe Diem Pillow
    Ladystara: Scarf (Doigts de Fee)

    This is a lot of stuff, guys! Who and what did I forget?:flowers:
  2. Thanks shopmom for the list!

    - you crack me up with aubergine lol!

    LaVan: 25cm Prune (but we like Aubergine better) Mysore Kelly, dark grey alpaca poncho, 2 scarves close to aubergine color (which I also bought in Luxembourg)
  3. Thanks Shopmom for this list; my head was spinning from all the new acquisitions this week and couldn't keep them all straight--seriously, I cannot believe the deluge! It's awesome!
  4. wow-you're good!
  5. Oops, I'm sorry LaVan I forgot your glorious poncho....which scarves did you get???? I LOVE seeing pics of scarves...can you post them?
  6. WAIT! We also have:

    LOLO: Scarf (or five!) - "Mosaique"

    Spill, Lolo....what are the other scarves???????
  7. coco-nut: 37cm Rouge H Bolide, in ardennes/gold (1991)

    just arrived today!
  8. Wow! Look at all the birkins on that list! :yahoo:
  9. of course, late last week...
    coco-nut: 31cm Chocolate Trim, in clemence/gold

  10. Woohoo, Coconut!!! Pics please???? Would love to see Rouge H in Ardennes.....
  11. Woa! AND a Trim? You've been busy, girl!!!!!
  12. Oh shopmom, it's just a little scarf rave; I think they were (but I will have to check because they are being sent to the UK not to Africa so I won't see them til I fetch them):

    Jumping (blue/brown colourway)
    Reprise ( royal blue)
    Les promenades
    Grands Apparats
    L'arriere main (horses bums - yippee)
    L'harnaise a l'Anglaise
    Brides de Gala
    La Chasse A tir (in teal)
    Les robes (blue)

    I will have to be honest and admit there are I think another 2 more but I can't remember what they are. Some of these are repeats for me ie I already have them in a different colourway; a few are not mint so can be used near horses. But remember! most importantly I don't have a single Hermes bag. Not one.
    OMG that's 15 scarves. What a brazen hussy. Will post pics of the more interesting designs/colourways after the Fetching Trip.:graucho:
  13. Shopmom, not only are you bad for encouraging me to shop, but you're bad to have made me count the bloody things! I actually had no idea... thought it was maybe 8 or 9.
  14. Wow! Amazing list...thank you shopmom!

    Coco-nut good for you!

    I am sooo happy for everyone. I need to go study the list.

    If you all get a chance...don't forget to add pics to the members' list for reference...with little deatils about the bags/accessories
  15. No bag purchase for me (still waiting patiently :girlsigh: ).

    BUT - PHH surprised me with a twilly and a pocket square on his return from a business trip :yahoo: . So you can add a Tohu Bohu twilly and a Les Triplet pocket square to the Hermes Showers! :love: