Hermès Shopping!

  1. Vlad just gave us a present in order to keep our board more organized. The Hermes Shopping subsection is for ALL POSTS having to do with authenticating or buying Hermes bags online/ebay/CS stores. We also put the inventory thread there also because it will be easy to find.
    Thanks! Your friendly neighborhood mod :flowers:
  2. We are growing fast!!!

    Thank-you everyone for your contributions to our Hermes sub-forum!!!:yahoo:
  3. Wait, my mistake. INVENTORY THREAD is for NEW bags at H boutiques and is being moved back to the Hermes board.
    Hermes Shopping is for stuff on the resale market.
  4. good idea.
  5. Don't worry GT..we will all figure it out.
  6. Great move! I love that feature on the BBag board, since it helps keep everything organized!
  7. Sorry for the confusion, I renamed it to Hermès Shopping in order not to confuse the newcomers.
  8. Vlad is cool. :supacool:
  9. This is a totally cool addition! LOVE IT!!!!! Thank yoy, Vlad!!!!
  10. I like the new additon! I sometimes get shy to visit the Hermes forum, but I view some threads, and let me tell you and I am starting to like it a lot! I dont have any bags yet, but I will once I finish school and start working!
  11. Don't feel shy Impsola- this is a great forum, and we are glad to have you join us!
  12. Welcome, Impsola!!!! We have such fun here and would love you to join us!!!!!
  13. Great idea - thanks!!
  14. Thank you ShopMom, and Jag! I love visiting the Hermes forum now! ShopMom, wow, I love your collection! I love all the Birkins, and Kellys that all you Hermes addict have! I feel so welcomed to my new home!
  15. Welcome Impsola!!!