Hermes Shopping - Zurich Airport

  1. Hi Everyone:
    I am planning my second trip to Wien to meet all of the Hermes blog ladies and have 2 options: Amsterdam (no stand alone Hermes store) or Zurich.

    Last time I was in Zurich airport was 15 years ago and all they had were cows on the airport runway. Anybody out there familiar with the Zurich airport and the Hermes store there? Do you know if this store carries the ladies RTW?

    Many thanks and hope you all have great Hermes shopping this week-end.

    Susan von
  2. Hello. Actually Zurich Airport shopping area was renovated 2-3 years ago and is now a shopping heaven :p Herme store is still quite small and actually I don't know if they carry the rtw line, but probabely you just could give them a call?
  3. Hello:
    Many thanks for your reply. I was on the Airport's web site and you are right, the shopping looks great! Will definitely go through Zurich this time as opposed to Amsterdam, with no stand alone Hermes boutique.
    Are you familiar with the VAT refund in Switzerland? I am only familiar with how the EU works, not at all familiar with Switzerland.
    Again, many thanks for your help with this.
  4. You're welcome! Actually I'm living in Switzerland so I'm not able to get back the VAt :sad: But recently some swiss shops started to work with this "global VAT refund" agency, so it should be quite easy to get back your VAT. Usually you have to spend a certain amount to qualify to get back the VAT though. AND: for Zurich Airport, as the Hermes shop is within the duty free area, you will not get back any VAT at all.

    Hope you enjoy your transit time @ zurich airport. there is a very nice lounge by Swiss if you should be tired after all the shopping :angel:
  5. Hi Butterfly:

    Thanks for the info. The web site is great. Very good shopping there, even a Bulgari. Plus the fact that it is in the duty free zone already makes it even better. No VAT forms to worry about stamping!
    Love Switzerland and they have the best chocolate ever!
    Have a wonderful evening.
  6. susanvon- thanks for sharing this information. i'll be in zurich and geneva on business soon and will check out the shops!:yahoo: