Hermès Shopping in Singapore

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    Hi ladies,

    I have been a silent reader most of the time in this H forum, admiring all the lovely pictures & accumulating H knowledges. However, I've always have this burning question that I don't understand...hope some of you can help to enlighten me...:p

    I have been a H customer for the past 5 years minimum. Have always been buying from one of the boutique in SG with only one particular SA, & have always been nice & friendly to her. I usually buy what I sincerely like, from SLGs, CDCs, to wallets to men's accessories to bags (entry level eg garden party to higher pricing ones eg lindy).

    To be honest I was never really in a rush to get any Birkin or Kelly throughout all these years. I just buy what I like & enjoy using. But at the same time, I did mention to my SA that I am open to B & K, cos ultimately which H lover would go without any B & K in their collection? But as time goes by, I am beginning to wonder, is there any so called "minimum accumulated spendings" before one is being offered a B or K? $100k? $200k in the profile? Clearly I knew there are stocks for them cos I keep seeing customers trying them on. I do buy regularly & I have a relatively long relationship with my SA, & she is not some junior staff by the way. So what's lacking the offer? She will offer me every other bags except B & K. Once in a blue moon when I raised my interest about her putting me in the list, she just gave a quiet ok reply, that's all. I didn't press her further for it either, as I didn't want to come across as a demanding customer.

    Sorry I must re-emphasis again that I am not exactly dying for a B or K at least for now... in case some of you misunderstood my intention of this post or if I do sound contridicting :p ...(to be honest, i am more of a lindy fan than a B or K fan) but rather, I am just kinda amused & bewildered by what exactly is needed to be on that list & hoping that the SG ladies here can help to solve this mysterious bit of question of mine?

    TIA ladies! Hope it will be a nice weekend for most of you! ;)
  2. Hi Celeste, I finally manage to figure out. Was not using the iPhone app previously.

    Did anyone see this at Hermes boutique in SG before? Is this a new or old design? If I am not wrong, this is called the pousse pousse.

  3. Still having lotsa twillies in Changi T3. But only two types of designs (blue n orange). CDC orange sold out. Spotted a CDC S Etan.
  4. I've never seen this design before. Did you try to check at the stores?

    The pousse pousse bracelets I have are not in this design. They are only a single loop sliding bracelet.
  5. I understand your situation. I'm not sure how much a customer need to spend before they are being offered a B or K. Unlike H stores in Indonesia, the SAs actually openly tell the customers that they have to spend a certain sum before being considered on B or K list. It's just being 'considered' though so it's not a guarantee that the customer will get it. Customers who spend more will of course get more priority than those who spend less.

    However, I do realize that customers who spend a lot on RTW (i.e. clothings, shoes, etc) and housewares (i.e. porcelains, cutlery, etc) will have a better chance of being offered a B or K. Not just spending on SLGs.

    If the stores sell more RTW and housewares, they will get a bigger quota of B or K. AFAIK, this is how the quota of B and K is calculated here. In this scenario, the stores will of course favour customers who spend on RTW and housewares because indirectly this pool of customers help to increase the bags quota.

  6. I haven't check at the stores here yet. Was in France and saw this design in one of the store but didn't see it again in the stores in Paris. The SA told me it's new collection, just want to double check.
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    Hi UnicornQ, I believe that its not a new design.. I saw someone wore this bracelet in Singapore before and I also saw it again in a second hand store in Japan last year. I like this bracelet too.. Very unique :tup:
  8. I saw at it at local stores weeks ago... I think it's mbs
  9. I love it too! Trying to find it in other colors but don't seem to see it around. I wonder if t comes in exotic leather.
  10. What colors did you see Meerkat?
  11. So far I only see in etoupe color... Hope it come in black and croc as well:graucho:
  12. I m sorry... Can't recall ;)
  13. ^ BlackSheep13 How are u? *waves* It's been some time since the last meet-up :p

    For info, According to the SA whom I talked to, they prefer clients who spend on RTW and other lines of products as the bags would naturally sell by themselves. I guess RTW and other things do not move as well.
    Not sure about the stores getting bigger quota of B or K if they sell more RTW.

    This was the reply he gave me when I asked if there was any minimum spending quota to hit to be offered a B or K...:wondering
  14. hi

    what colour is cuppucine??
  15. It looks orangy to me! Very nice!