Hermès Shopping in Singapore

  1. I was at the TAKASHIMAYA Store this morning. 1 first time in this store. I saw a RASIN 40(I think) KELLY and 2 LINDY, Combination and Chocolate Brown 30. If anybody is interested. I wanted a Eutope 34 clemance Lindy, the SA says HERMES S do not have it now. Oh Well!! i saved $8400 if that makes sense. LOL! Saw an awesome bangles display. :nuts: The SA said some are new stocks. approx $600(small), $900(large).
  2. A 40 Kelly must be really huge! Thanks anyway for keeping all of us in Singapore updated. Love your dogs btw.
  3. Thanks for the update! While I love raisin, 40 cm anything will be too big! :wtf:

    Oh, and yes, I too have a golden retriever, who is very moody right now because he has been cooped up indoors because of the rainy weather the past few days.
  4. I love the colour raisin too.. And Yes its HUGE. A Briefcase?
    ^^ Maybe u need to adopt/buy another dog to play with it. I have 7dogs at home. I dun even have to walk them. They "walk" each other. LOL!
  5. I was there a few days ago when I picked up my Kelly wallet. My SA told me it's a Kelly 40 in Black Box. A lady was looking at it. It's really a HUGE bag.

    chpwhy: If you were there last month, I think you would find your Etoupe Lindy. I saw one in the glass display.
  6. There's a Rouge H 25 cm Kelly in Swift with PHW on display at Liat Towers. It was still there at closing...:graucho:
  7. ^^^ 25 cm is too small for me except in lizard. There was an orange 25 cm Kelly in Swift that was there for at least a few days – still there last Friday.
  8. Orange Kelly's no longer on the shelf - sold off presumably?
    25cm kellys are really CUTE! But I got to get a 28cm first....
    Patience, patience....:lol:
  9. Any 28 Kellys?
  10. The stores, post Christmas, may be low on inventory. But there's no harm checking with each of the stores; Taka, Liat and also DFS Scotts. I feel it's probably better for you to walk in these stores to enquire, than make phone enquiries. When you meet a SA, even if the store does not have the Kelly available on the spot, you can place a request for a Kelly of your choice, and the SA will call you when one becomes available.

  11. Thanks for the tip! Does DFS Scotts carry a lot of stock compared to the other 2? Believe it or not, I've never stepped into that store!!
  12. DFS Scotts and DFS at the airport sometimes do have lovely bags, even though they have alot less than the other 2 stores. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  13. Oh yes, I always pop in at the airport's boutique. There were 2 gorgeous Lindys sitting on the shelf a couple of weeks ago, as well as Evelynes in various colours. I hope the new T3 will have an even bigger Hermes boutique!
  14. The Adroise Lindy at Liat Towers is lovely! I hope someone from tpf gets it.
  15. Did you see what leather it was? And which size?