Hermes shopping in Paris

  1. Dear ladies,

    First I'd like to apologize for my first post which I deleted accidentally. I think I was too excited about sharing my experience that I put in too much details. I felt uncomfortable immediately after posting and attempted to edit the info but ended up deleting the whole thing. Unfortunately, my trip was a tedious one and I have just returned and finally have the time to re-post.

    So with that, this is how my experience shopping for Hermes in Paris was…

    Day 1, went to the main Hermes store at 24 Faubourg for a quick look after a long plane ride, no Birkins.

    Day 2, went in the morning ready to spend some time. Before I talked to an SA, I wandered around the shop. Saw many colorful bags but no Kelly or Birkin on display. I did however see 3 birkins whilst in the shop. One (red, white and blue) in the shop window and 2 others that were being shown to customers. I asked to see a Kelly and was shown a black 35cm in rigide box. I told the SA it was too big and was shown a Kelly lakis, which I didn’t like. The SA did show me a couple of other new style bags, but they did not call out to me. I thanked the SA and wandered around some more. Just before leaving, I asked another SA about Kellys in souple style. She checked and told me there was none and to come back everyday to ask (which she said was what everybody did). Asked about a Birkin and got a flat out “NO”. I got her card and left.

    Day 3, went to the George V shop after a stroll along the Champs Elysee. They had 2 Kellys on the shelf. I was shown both, but was not totally blown away, so I declined. I was happy to finally get to touch and feel the Kellys. Went to the main shop but the SA was not around so I left and called her later. I was told no new bags came in that day.

    Day 4, went to Eiffel Tower and decided to drop by the George V shop. The minute I walked in, I saw the gold shoulder Birkin on the counter but only stole glances at it. I asked if they had any Birkins available and the SA pointed to the shoulder Birkin. It was beautiful, but I wasn’t too sure about the shape. They had another Birkin downstairs, but it was a 40cm and really just too big. I tried on the shoulder Birkin again and it felt just right, so I decided to go for it. My first Birkin!! I was soooo happy.

    On the way back to the hotel, we decided to just drop by the main store to see if they had anything new. The SA who had asked us to come back everyday was once again not there, but another SA asked what we were looking for. After we told her, she paused for a second and said, “there is a Birkin at the back, it will be gone in minutes, do you want to take a look?” Did I ever!!! It was a 30cm in Blue Jean color and totally out of this world gorgeous!! I did pause to ask if she had anything in another color because I had a BJ Trim already. Nope, but by then there was no turning back, I had to have it. Being able to buy a Birkin in the main store in Paris just added to the magic for me.

    I’ve been reading this forum for a couple of months now and amazed at the collection and knowledge of the ladies here. I’m afraid I might have caught the Hermes bug and crave for more and more. I’ll have to live vicariously through your purchases for a while, so please keep buying! :P Please forgive me if some of the terms I've used are incorrect, I'm still new at this.
    IMG_1570a.jpg IMG_1573a.jpg IMG_1581a.jpg
  2. wow!! gorgeous bags!!:yes:

    I loved reading your story - I think the story of buying thebags is almost as good as the bags themselves!!:smile:
  3. I have some questions about the leather of my 2 bags. I was told both times that they were Togo but now that I’ve had time to examine them carefully and read up on the forum, they both do not have any veining (is this the right term?). The JPG is very soft and feels smoother than my Togo Trim, so I’m assuming it is Clemence. However, the 30cm Birkin looks very similar to my Trim other than the lack of veining, so I am not too sure. My receipts make no mention of the leather or hardware, they are just regular receipts from the register. I’ve take some close ups and would appreciate your help identifying the leather. Thanks!

    1st pic is of my BJ Birkin, 2nd Togo Trim and 3rd JPG Birkin

    Edited to fix the picture order.
    IMG_1576a.jpg IMG_1577a.jpg IMG_1579a.jpg
  4. Welcome Westiepup to this very dangerous PF..once you enter, there's no turning back...!!!:graucho: I would say your Paris trip was pretty successful!! lovely bags, nothing like walking in and finding a Birkin in each store, that's what I call LUCK !!!Congrats and enjoy..!!;) :flowers:
  5. Thank you!

    I love reading the stories too, and always love the pics.:heart:
  6. Beautiful bags! Thank you for sharing!!! :biggrin: Congrats!

  7. Yes, it's waaaay too dangerous, it's going to be hard to restrain myself. I know I was very lucky on my last day. The only time I saw Birkins offered were to the French locals and when others enquired, they were given the quick brush off. I heard one person being told, "I can sell you any bags in the store, but do you see any Kellys or Birkins???" :huh:
  8. I think your guess about the leathers is probably right: if the JPG is softer then it's most probably Clemence, the texture of Clemence is also a bit flatter than that of Togo which is bumpyer (if you see what I mean..) I'm sure the other ladies here will give you their knowledgeable opinions...:yes:
  9. Whoa, someone scored! Togo, I believe, can be veined or unveined. I have a bag that is unveined. If the SA's told you togo, I'd go by that. There's usually a tag inside that will indicate the type of leather to which the SA can refer. However, that JPG does look slouchy. Anyone else care to chime in?
  10. duna - the JPG does feel softer and smoother, almost like it can be squished, so I'm sure you are right. It's the BJ Birkin that puzzles me.

    hermesgroupie - I didn't know that Togo could be unveined. When I was doing my research, I looked at some Japanese websites which mentioned that Togo leather could vary but I wasn't sure what they meant. Thank you for the info!
  11. WOWOWOWOW!!! A big welcome to you and I just love this story! Major congrats on two amazing bags in two of my favorite colors. Looks like your JPG is Clemence and Birkin is Togo (def. not clemence.)
    My Potiron Togo Birkin has very little veining.
  12. Wow! Great story and sounds like an amazing trip! One you'll never forget - and welcome!
  13. How very wonderful, congratulations, beautiful bags!
  14. Beautiful bags and beautiful colors!!!!! WOW!! What a trip!!!!!! Welcome to the Hermes forum....there's no turning back now!!!!

    I'm so glad your trip was such a success....congratulations on those two beautiful, beautiful bags!!!!
  15. Congratulation, Wetiepup!! Enjoy your beautiful bags!! :biggrin: