Hermes Shopping in Europe Next week Kelly Help

  1. Hi :smile: I'm doubting I'll be in luck on this but while I'm on my vacation I'll be looking anyways in case I'm lucky -- and if I am hubby says "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" Lol -- but I'm wondering if I'll come across a Kelly in gold with gold hardware, or a red croc leather with gold hardware --- not sure of any other descriptions I should be asking/looking for thats just the basic idea -- like I said, its just a crap shoot - but I'll be having chances to visit Hermes in Rome, Capri, Florence, Venice, at least .. I'm certainly after scarves maybe a shawl, and bangles since there's no Hermes near me at home to browse, but I'm keeping an eye out for a Kelly in case I get lucky LOL --- any specifics on bags like this I should ask for? Thanks!
  2. Vista, enjoy your vacation! I have never seen a bad Kelly design. :smile: I hope you are able to get one. :smile:
  3. When I was in florence earlier this fall, my SA was a lovely Swedish lady with blood hair. She was very helpful and she showed me at least 3-4 kellys. I can't remember her name, but look out for her when you are in there. Good luck. You can't go wrong with any kelly.
  4. Vista your travels amaze me. Have a wonderful time!! :heart:
  5. Just wanted to say hi, I got my engineering degree from the U of A, have only fond memories of Alberta, are you an oilers or a flames fan?.....Back to your kelly, you have to have an idea what size you are after & leather type that you like since you already know the color/hw you are after. Kellys are easier to come by in most H stores & with so many stops on your vacation, there is a likelihood......
  6. hi vista, go to the reference thread & read more on the
    1. types of leathers
    2. colours
    3. frequently asked questions on Kelly...
    style (retourne or sellier ) etc....

    ................. all these info put up by the great expert H tPFers.
  7. based on what has been posted here on TPF - you should be able to spot kellys on your tour.

    i personally think if you got more specific abt the exact leather you want, you might be telling the SA immediately that she need not bring anything out for you if she didnt meet your specified wants.

    it will be good to start with a general asking for kellys - then slowly revealing to the SA the colors you have in mind, have a discussions abt the diff leathers avail - it might show your bigger interest/knowledge in hermes & its supposedly what H SAs like to see from their customers.

  8. Thanks :smile: I really haven't handled these bags enough to know what leather's or size I want so this trip may be what helps me make those decisions if I dont actually bring one home. I love red tones and gold hardware, I think a croc leather is the ultimate, I like a bit of flash or a nice gold colour leather :smile: .. I'll do some more looking at the wonderful reference threads this week.

    Looks like there are shops in Istanbul and Athens which I will also be visiting.
  9. Congrats on your Degree ! DH has an iron ring as well, a Chem Eng from U of C - I've got to start following the Flames again, I was at Flame Central this week, but haven't been to a live game yet ;) just returned here after a 15 year abscence living in Texas -- I'll research the threads on leathers - but I'll definitely want to have a chance to touch and feel a few :smile: if I don't pick one up on this trip I'll have a good idea what I'll want after this trip for sure. I love the look of a croc leather, and may be worth just going for an ultimate bag than just settling for anything :smile: Lol
  10. My iron ring is locked up in my safe, it has been 15 years.....I was a Flames fan in Oilers' city, I would proudly go to live games in a Flames jersey & get boo-ed, ah, to be young again......That seems like aeons ago, I would love to take my family to Jasper & Banff,Calgary & Edmonton.....WEM would still be amazing...Have a great trip to Europe & good luck with your H-ing!:tup:
  11. i was in paris last april and from what i saw kellys are easier to comeby there. Good luck! Post details when you get back enjoy!
  12. I was in Rome today. They have a bj birkin 30, a green croc birkin 30 with diamonds, a box kelly 32 chocolate with gold hw, lots of evelyne, picotin, plume. You might find what you look for.
  13. Lovely! Thank you Costa :smile: Ooh it will be fun to see so many beauties in person and am working on softening up hubby's "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" phrase to ... "sure get whichever you like" ROFL

    3 more sleeps to Italy!!
  14. Have a great time Vista

    And good luck finding " The bag"
    Let us know how you get along
    and be nice, v very nice to hubby

  15. Florence had a number of Kellys recently. Good luck!