Hermes Shoes

  1. How many of you ladies here own a pair of Hermes shoes? If you do, which style is it? Do you find it comfy? How often do you wear them? Do you think they're a good investment?

    If the shoes are 40% off, are they a good buy?
    I'm not a shoes person, but I've finally come to realize that good, dressy, cute shoes are important to pull off the entire look. I "lied" when I said I have 5 pairs of shoes, apparently I have more than that. I recounted and here are what I have that can actually be worn:

    1 pair of heels for work (black)
    1 pair of non-heels for work (black)
    1 pair of heels for work (brown)
    1 pair of 1.5" heels sandals
    1 pair of Ballys 3.5" heels sandals (I do NOT count this because I cannot wear them)
    1 pair of gold velvet 2" strappy heels (for formal occasions only)
    1 pair of sneakers

    So, I think I may need a pair of shoes? Or do I not need it? I only have a pair of casual heels that look good, but it's a bit casual and it's starting to get worn. I want to get something that's a good investment and that can go well with Hermes bags (put together).

    However, I had an ankle injury from two years ago and my ankle hurts whenever the climate changes, so that makes me think that perhaps I shouldn't get heels? Suggestions please? Oh ... another thing, I'm a bit hesitant with shoes usually because I'm not into them ...
  2. I personally feel... there is always a need for more shoes!!:yahoo: :lol: I like to match shoes to each outfit/bag. So in each style I have 4-6 colors, and then you need all different styles...:yes:
    I have 7 pair of hermes shoes, all but one are the flat loafers with the "H" buckle, in all different hardware, and leather combos, and one pair in black box leather, with gold hardware, that has the two straps and closure like the kelly bag. I wear them only in the fall, or winter though, rest of the time is Manolo. I find the "H" shoes very comfortable. I wish I could find my size on sale!:flowers:
  3. Which style of Hermes shoes are good for going out and casual? I don't really have a high arch so I'm not sure what would look good on me. Btw, I'm can range from size 8 to size 9 on shoes (mainly 8 and 8.5) so what size would that be?
  4. Hi, hermes shoes run pretty true to size, so try 38.5 or a 39.
    the loafers come in a one inch or two inch heel, just try some on to see if they are comfortable for you!:flowers:
  5. I only have 1 pair of Hermes shoes and I love them!!! I always wear them when I wear my BJ Birkin
  6. Kou, how about some of those cute flat "H" slides?
  7. I love the sandals with the perforated H. Wish I could get some to match my Evelyne. :tender:
  8. That would look really cute!:girlsigh:
  9. I have 2 pairs of Hermes shoes. Here's the photo of them (not a good one):

    I really like the 2 pairs of Hermes shoes I do have, but to be quite honest, I find most of their shoes styles, especially the evening kind, to be a little too conservative for me. I highly recommend Manolos for those--he has the best craftsmanship and makes the prettiest styles (sorry to faithful-all-the-way-with-Hermes fans!). As far as a list, I don't make any myself...With shoes, I've discovered that my best finds are those that I spot when just casually shopping and happen to come across ones I like, and it's this way with Hermes shoes and non-Hermes shoes. You sound as if you're looking for a pair of shoes that's more formal? I think Hermes has a few coming out for Fall. Look into those. You can see them on I certainly wouldn't advise you to wear high heels if you still have problems with your ankle. The last thing you want to do is injure it further, and though I don't know exactly what's wrong with it, but knowing that you can't wear your Bally's high heels could be a sign that you might want to consider lower heels, which Hermes does make.
  10. I have 6 pairs of Hermes shoes (6 pairs of flats, one pair of ankle boots) and really love them. Mostly I found that they run true to size, however last season their line of 'runway' shoes were designed by Pierre Hardy and just personally, I found those to run a bit smaller than the standards.
    I have 2 pairs of the H flats and just got the perforated 'H' this spring in white. Those are most comfortable everyday shoes. But my very favorite are a pair of flats made out of the orange 'cheval surprise' scarf , they are delicate, but I love and also got them for 60% off!
  11. CUTE!:heart: