Hermes shoes

  1. Are H shoes handcrafted as well? I saw a pair of slides that I really love and was just wondering...:drool::drool:
  2. yes.............i have a few pairs and they are exquisitely crafted
  3. Ooh, that reminds me I have been meaning to post a thread about shoes. Please post all H shoe pics here!
  4. Yes! I've got a pair of cream moccassins and a pair of orange flip flops (yes, the H orange!). They're made really well, and they look gorgeous!
  5. I've got a pair 2 pairs of sneakers that are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had and a pair of red deck shoes ( for when I get that all-important invitation to step on someone's yacht!). I bought all of these in sales but have learned well now that if I want an Hermes shoe it will be OK to pay full price and revel in them because they are so well made and last forever. My first pair of 'quick' sneakers are over 4 years old, really,really worn in and have only just started showing a bit of wear on the sole - ideal!
  6. i desperately hope so...i plunked down 6 grand for a pair of croc slingback heels...the only thing i have ever been afraid to wear...i wonder does hermes offer resoling services?
  7. Oh HC-- they sound divine!!!
  8. YES pics would be great!!

    My SA is waiting for my size to come on in a pair of black patent shoes. It will be my first pair of H shoes. I am very curious as to what other styles are available.
  9. Here is a pic of the shoe I am waiting on...
  10. Could some one please tell me if Hermes shoes fit true to US sizes or should the shoe be purchased in a size up?
  11. Oh boy...I'm sensing a new addiction coming on...those are gorgeous!!
  12. Oooh Penny I tried those on the other day! Lovely! :heart:

    I always order a half size up when I buy Hermes shoes. I have several pair now including an open toed high heeled silk faille sandal, a pair of vermillion calfskin flat sandals that I recently bought, and a light tan suede pair of slides. Since the styles are very different from one another, there is a bit of variation in fit, but all of them work for me.

    HC I bet those croc slingbacks are GORGEOUS!! I would imagine that they do offer services on the shoes just like with the bags, though honestly I really don't know for sure.
  13. OMG I love those!! Exactly what I would need in my shoe wardrobe.
  14. More shoe please!! :drool:
  15. We need more pictures of shoes!