Hermes Shoes and RTW?

  1. Where and how are Hermès shoes and RTW clothes?

    In every other item they, make history is provided, we know how and even indirectly by whom bags are made, same goes for scarves, furniture and gloves. So what about shoes and clothes? Anyone care to elaborate? :smile:
  2. Um, I'm not really into Hermes RTW because the designs are too mature for me. I buy the shoes once a while. Hermes always change their RTW head designer every 5 years? It was Martin Margiela before JPG took over.
  3. well the quality/materials are superb. actually i am more into their rtw then into their leathergoods

    and hermès has a very long history with clothing too starting around 1939 (don´t remember the exact year) with of course firstly leather jackets then kind of couture specialmade clothing that went to ready to wear by the 1950 something. then it was ajourney through various designers with audibet / designteam mariot chanet /margiela/ gaultier beeing the last ones
    and actually i always found the H rtw very modern with a classical twist and not old in any way when you rip their runway styling apart and make the pices your own(incorporate them into you own style)
  4. ^
    Yeah, I agree, it's like all their other lines, not old, but classic, and classic in a sense that will keep being modern and never look dated.

    No-one knows which factories they're using? Which company or where?
  5. The shoes that I have are all made in Italy but I don't know if its an Hermes-owned firm or a contractor.
  6. I agree!!! I am more into Hermes RTW than leathergoods nowadays. H RTW are SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL and excellently made!!!!:heart:
  7. I am just too short and messy for the rtw, but I agree they are quite moddern in the classic vein. I think a chain like Talbot's is much more "mature" than H rtw. I think the rtw is very understated and sophisticated. Now the shoes, OMG!! I tried on the COOLEST pair of sandals last week called orient. They have distressed pewter highlights and dark wood with the most divine heels! I didn't check to see where they were made--I didn't even ask, come to think of it. There was also a very cool pump with a rounded toe, and H insignia in the same color as the leather so it didn't shout, and the most fabulous heel!
  8. Love the RTW. It is timeless IMO.

    I do find I like the fall/winter clothing the best.
  9. Most of their rtw is too big or long on me, but when I find something that works (esp. in leather) it's divine.
    And I love, love, love the riding boots.
  10. I have a few RTW items, scarf blouse (l'intrus in black), gorgeous evening silk jacket called Escribe (I think), and a long black riding jacket. The tailoring on the jackets is higher quality than the current Chanel jackets -imho.

    Shoes, only two pair. I wear a 42, very htf. But I think they are spectacular.... :heart:


  11. I love the shoes H does. I also love the RTW but as I could never afford that, I´ll settle to gaze from a far.

    Hermeslady-great shoes!
  12. I just picked up a pair of double monk strap style dress shoes in black which are made in England by John Lobb for Hermes. They are just elegant and stylish in an understated way. The "antique calfskin" used in this pair reminds me of aged box calfskin used in the Kelly bag. Perfect shoes for Fall.
  13. I think you can funk some of the RTW up! mix and match so I dont think it need be dated and for fossils like moi
    These are one of my sets of shoes and I totally adore them , however the four inch heels mean I cant stomp around London on the tube in them.
  14. hermeslady and ardneish, what beautiful and timeless shoes. :smile:
  15. I love hermes shoes when there good there really good,
    and def worth the money

    RTW is very expensive even in the sale, I do have a few items one lovely skirt with leather detail