Hermes Shoe Fetish

  1. How well are Hermes shoes made in the comfort department, compared to other womens' designer shoes? How lasting are they? (no matter if they are out of season)

    Do you have a Hermes shoes fetish?

    What are your favourite H shoes designs?

    I almost dare not ask this but it has to be asked anyway (sorry if I sound silly) > can Hermes shoes be refurbished?
  2. I love H shoes!!!! I own a few pairs now, I can't stop collecting!!! Well I'm on a shoe ban until I can figure out what to do with the ones I have now.

    I think that like H bags their shoes don't go out of style either. They are also very comfortable. I love them. I'm gonna take some pics tomorrow (well today) afternoon.
  3. I confess to an Hermes shoe fetish;)!
    I think that I have just counted 9 pairs but you have to take into account that I am not normally a shoe person so for me, in a relatively short amount of time, that is a lot of shoes to buy, whereas I know for many women that would be normal. They make great flats, which for a tall girl is wonderful --- although I have several pairs of their heels as well, of course. Additionally, they use their traditional leathers and other materials, so I have a beautiful pair of leather boots and the leather is perfect even after a few Chicago winters, as well as a pair of lizard heels that also are quite hardy and have yet to show any wear. My favorite part, as with all Hermes items is that they repair the shoes, and make certain to do a wonderful job. I have had work done on the soles of the boots twice, as the salt used to melt the ice in winter here really did a number on them, and they came back as new, and now I have been wearing them for over a year since the last refurbishing. I apologize for the long post, ....I guess I just really love my shoes, :p :smile:!
  4. I only have these loafers and have to say they are AMAZING!! They are, to me, perfectly fitting and way more comfy than my former Gucci loafers...:heart:

    secret santa 002.jpg
  5. I so agree with Shoes! My H loafers are the most comfy shoes I own. I love them much more than my LV loafers or Gucci loafers. I need more!
  6. i own several pairs including a pair of loafers, espadrilles, a couple of summer sandals and a pair of pumps - which i love and adore. they're classic-styled and very comfy.
  7. I don't usually buy Hermes shoes because to me they're hardly fashion forward and I'm a fashion victim.

    However this past winter I succumbed to a pair of Noe platform loafers, since that is a look I like, and since the heel is only (??!!!) 8.5 cm, they seemed very wearable.

    The first time I wore them they killed me but by the second wearing they had broken in nicely and were great to walk around in. In terms of comfort, they're way better than the Tods Swing Selleria from 2005, and slightly ahead of the Chloe Paddingtons (they have an advantage of a 7.5cm heel though).

    I suppose that's the Pierre Hardy pedigree showing through.
  8. I only owned 2 pair H shoes,from 05 summer,they are quite pretty but not comfy for me, maybe I have strange feet:confused1:
  9. Shoes and Ninja, I'm always on the search for comfy shoes to bring to Europe. Would you wear these H loafers on a trip to Paris or Rome where you're doing a lot of walking? Do they offer good support and not give you blisters? (I seem to get blisters from loafers a lot)

    are these around $600?