Hermes Shawls?

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  1. Anyone have one? Do you use it often? :shrugs: I'm eyeing one on eBay at the moment but am wondering if it'll have longevity in my closet and how to use it aside from draping it over my shoulders. Any thoughts would be great...
  2. I think shopmom has one (what doesn't she have??!! - j/k shopmom!)...and loves it -- I'd love one myself...
  3. I have one, and I love it!

    I never thought I could wear one; I am 5'1" and small-boned, so I assumed a shawl would swamp me, and I think in several of the designs, they do. However, in the right color and pattern, I found one that I adore. I find I reach for it often, and it can substitute for a coat or sweater. Besides a shawl or poncho, you can fold it on the bias and use it as a muffler.

    There is a thread with gorgeous pictures here:
  4. I'm not a traditional shawl wearer myself, but I broke down and bought two H ones that I absolutely love and wear often, folded diagonally, typically as a scarf/pashmina substitute. You can just see one of them here (Jungle Love in beige) in this pic:

  5. I would wear it all the time if I had one! :yes:
  6. I wear mine exactly like Gina a pashmina.
  7. You guys rock...great input; tangle, thanks for that great thread link...I must have missed that one, and Gina, you look amazing with that shawl. GF great to know that it can be folded up and worn pashmina style...I thought it would be too large to do so. Okay, am convinced...going to get the trigger finger ready to bid.
  8. Go orchids GO! :yahoo:
  9. I am such an easy sell..geez, one little whisper of approval and I'm headed for the wallet...
  10. gina, I love that entire outfit!!! You look HOT girl :supacool:
  11. Oh gosh Gina great pic! Love that jacket too!!!
  12. Gina, love the look!!! I agree, that jacket rocks!
  13. You can't go wrong with a H shawl...they're so lightweight and you can stuff them into your Birkin for trips or flights and wear them many ways for ultra chic looks, as evidenced by the pics here posted by members wearing theirs...go for it!
  14. I did wind up getting it--it's rather vibrant so my next one will have to be more muted! Will post pix when it arrives from overseas.
  15. :yahoo: Congrats!!! These are so pretty, I'd love to get one someday. They just look so cozy.