Hermes shawl with fur trim...

  1. I have been searching online for a photo of this shawl with no success. While in the Hermes Paris mothership store recently, I saw a women trying on a cashmere shawl, lined with a huge Hermes scarf on the inside with a fur collar. It is incredibly beautiful to the point of breathtaking. The woman who was trying it on refuses to take it off so I was not able to even touch it. Been searching for it ever since. Has anyone ever seen it in the US, have a photo of it or know the price (I think it will very depending on the type of fur collar)?
  2. zoebag it sounds scrumptious, i have not seen this one, perhaps it is new and some stores only get 1 piece of these things? if i see one i will call it out to you, good luck i hope you find it!
  3. I'm sure there was one on eBay recently - it may still be there, I think it was an American Seller...wasn't sure if it was genuine though...
  4. I have not seen a cashmere shawl, however I did post a photo that my store director emailed me of the sable trimmed silk scarf. I did see it and try it on and it is beautiful!! It is a grey and white silk trimmed in grey sable. The cost is around $8000.00 USD I am very challenged regarding computers so the photo is in the shopping threads re:victorias,(pictures from SA started by JAGS)
  5. There is something similar in the Sydney store. Except the shawl fabric is sheer silk chiffon, and it's bordered with sable. The whole thing is Etoupe in colour. It is simply gorgeous. The price tag was like A$20,000, but can't remember exactly. Someone needs to buy it.
  6. Thank you all for your help.
  7. Please excuse the crappy pic, I just took this with my webcam from the Fall/Winter scarf booklet:

  8. ^^Wow, I think that was the exact one I saw in the Sydney store. Except the scarf was sheer silk chiffon.