Hermes Seoul: Please tell me about it

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I will be in Seoul end of the month. How are the stocks there? SAs?

    Is there a tax refund?

  2. If you are searching for brikin, unfortunately it is very hard to meet in seoul loca store. If you have lucky you can see in duty free shop in Shinla or Avinuel.
    If you are searching for kelly, it is hard to meet but not as much as birkin. but lindy or bolid or other things are plenty in the store.
    I do not know about SAs, but I feel like they are not very much kind even to koreans :sad: I thinks they do not have a tax refund, but I am not sure so you can try at the store!!
    If you go to flagshop store in Apguseongding Dosan park, I believe SAs are super kind and sweet and of course there are plennty of stocks!! Excluding birkin :sad: Birkin is super hard to meet in Korea!!!!
  3. thanks so much, ToBeChic!!!

    I'm not looking for a birkin or kelly but thanks for the heads up. not planning to buy but just curious as to how H is there. First time in Korea so I'm so excited.

    My bag list includes an SB2 & a Jypsiere 34 or So Kelly. So depending on the stock i might come home with one :smile: before the price increase in January.

    Thanks again!