Hermes Secret Santa Exchange 2006

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  1. Hello Ladies, I would like to invite those that are interested in participating in our Hermes Secret Santa Exchange. The rules/conditions are as follows....

    1.) You must be a contributing member of the Hermes section (other sections will have their own), have been a PF member for 5 months or have 500 posts. You also MUST be willing to ship internationally. Even though this is a "Secret Santa", this is for all cultures- as you can see the token Hermes Heeb is even organizing it (me), so don't feel intimidated and join us!

    2.) The exchange information & details will be done on for privacy reasons and to keep this board less cluttered. After everyone is signed up & invited-- you will submit your address to me (Japster) and I will be the only person that has it-- so if you get any late night drunk-dial phone calls, it's probably me :Push: . j/k

    3.) After the names are drawn (Elfster does this automatically), you can contact me individually for your Santa's address. Elfster has a GREAT system that allows all the users in our exchange to post annoymous questions asking their person their favorite color, author, or whatnot.

    4.) All gifts are limited to $45. You must mail your package by Dec 15th. We will have ONE reveal thread on our board, so that people do not have to weed through 10 million posts.

    5.) You have until NOV 27th to sign up for this. Simply add your name to this thread and you will be contacted eventually with more information.

    Any questions...ask them here.
  2. Yeah! This is going to be so much fun! Thank you for organizing this Japster! Please add my name!
  3. Is there anything I forgot?
  4. Nope, you did an excellent job!
  5. E, you always have such great ideas! Count me in! This will be so much fun and a great way to celebrate the holidays with everyone!
  6. ME TOO! ME TOO!!!!!! oh this is so much fun................
  7. Yes - count me in too!
  8. Do we have to ship personally or can we also order something online and have the supplier ship it?
  9. H- you are welcome to have the store ship.
  10. Count me in please! This is so much fun!
  11. I am in! : )
  12. This sounds really fun, count me in!
  13. Fantastic. How fun!!!! Please count me in. Japster, you are a star for organizing this!
  14. me too, please.

    on a completely unrelated note, for those of you who never go to the jewelry board and wouldn't have seen this, check out this article on our beloved "token hermes heeb" -- congrats, japster!

  15. You rock Japster!!!