Hermes Seattle/Bellevue


Aug 29, 2008
How is that store? Is it long wait list for Birkin? And is the store big or small? Tell me :smile:
I have searched, but im not so good at that so i didnt find much...

We are moving to Seattle and thats why im curious.. Looking forward to visit the town, and Hermes store there :biggrin:


PNW Hermes-aholic
Apr 4, 2008
I agree the store has lovely SAs who are very helpful and sweet. There is no problem with telling them what you want and if they have it, they will definitely let you know - they have also been very kind about putting orders in for something if you really want it. With regards to scarfs and other accessories, they will bring something in for you within a couple of days if they don't have it. For bags, they have a little of everything and I have been shown Birkins and Kellys there before though they don't always have a large selection (maybe a handful of 35s, one 30, a few Kelly 35s, and 2-3 Kelly 32s at any given time for instance). I have seen the occasional exotic (Croc birkin) there. I think you will be very pleased with the service. Welcome to Seattle!


Jun 8, 2007
I live in SF and just popped in to Seattle once. Couldn't believe how nice the SAs were. They had the manager come over to ask me for ideas on which scarves/shawls to order. I've been in a lot of H boutiques and have never had anyone so interested in my opinion! I was only looking at scarves so didn't really check out the bags much. The store is small but they are very willing to get you what you are looking for. Don't know how easy that is in the bag world. You will love Seattle - great place (and I don't even live there!)


Jun 25, 2010
I moved to Vancouver in October and while the store here is not very good, I have found the Seattle store to be fantastic. My SA has called and offered me Birkins several times already. They are very helpful and even called me before the manager left to Paris to find out which Fall/Winter clothes I want. If they don't have what you want they will get it transferred in from another store as quickly as they can.
Mar 27, 2012
Yes, they will be as I made an appt with my SA.

Did you get any goodies? Please do share.

I was there today looking for a belt kit, CDC and a tie for my husband. I was told flat right out by the SA that CDCs are for special clients only. I thought CDCs are somewhat obtainable! They didn't have the belt kit I want, I just left the store with a tie. May be I don't look "weathy" enough in their eyes :shucks: