Hermes Scottsdale?

  1. I thought Hermes was opening in Scottsdale, Arizona:confused1: this fall. I called the mall's management office and they said that Hermes has not signed a lease. Does anyone have info?
  2. i was so hoping for an hermes in scottsdale, but last i checked, no evidence of hermes (there is a new ferragamo store). sigh.

    i guess we'll have to head to california or vegas.
  3. :crybaby:No H!

    On the bright side, when we ship our H purchases to AZ, no sales tax!:smile:
  4. Actually, Hermes was close to signing a lease at the space next to NM (where Brentanos Bookstore was.) They signed an LOI and were planning to move forward in February; however, for one reason or another, they are instead opting to open in the new Barneys wing (rumor has it for a large size?) As a result, they are now "set" to open in late 08/early 09. There was an article in that briefly confirmed that Hermes is opening in Scottsdale in 09.

    Instead, Bulgari has signed an LOI for the space Hermes was looking at.
  5. Thanks for the info, I love Bvlgari also!!:rolleyes:
  6. I was just in Scottsdale...or in face the entire Phoenix area and...nope no H!
    Just NM had a few scarves...