Hermes Scottsdale, AZ Opening 2007!!!

  1. I was at the Scottsdale Mall today and on my way into NM there was these 2 guys coming out of an empty store and they had a Folder/ Agenda thing in their hands with a Hermes logo on it. I stopped them and asked if they were with Hermes and they said the new flagship store will be opening late summer early fall 2007!!! For you AZ girls its the store by the entrance of NM that used to be a bookstore. Near the Tomatos restaurant. The NM entrance near the cosmetics/ handbags department.

    When I was looking at the Hermes scarves in NM I mentioned it to the SA and she said they have known about it for some time and are NOT happy about it. Whats the big deal, you only carry H scarves? and not even that many of them. hmph~

    Exciting huh?:yahoo:
  2. Yipee! What great news for all of you living in the vicinity! Hope to hear lovely purchases and experiences like the opening of the Charlotte store.
  3. Cool! Can't wait to hear about their opening inventory :graucho:
  4. Odd...the Hermes at South Park in Charlotte is right by NM too :biggrin: I wonder if this if common, lol
  5. I for one am thrilled, I can "bond" with a SA right from day one. ha. I am saving all my spare $ for a decent purchase.
  6. Opening inventory?! OK, newbie here, but I'm thinking they actually might have Birkins IN THE STORE that we could buy on the spot?

  7. ^ YES!!!! They always flood a new store with amazing bags and a lot of Birkins!
  8. WOWIE, I can't wait. I was just there yesterday and walked by the store but I had no idea what is coming:yahoo:
  9. zippie they have already started construction, there were people hammering and building away while I was there! Where do you live? I'm in Gilbert.
  10. Oh Donna...I am very happy for you!
  11. Exactly:yes:
  12. Perfect!! Looks like I will be there "Opening Day!!!"...need to call my SA for more info.

    Im excited!!
  13. Please keep us updated! Would so love to be there for the openning... Calling ladystara and anHermeslover...let's go!!!
  14. :yahoo: ..I vacation in Scottsdale every July... Hope it's open then...if not...I MUST
  15. well I say we all meet and do lunch that day and ooh and ahh over our new purchases, what do you think?:wlae: