Hermes Scottsdale....2008!!!

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  1. I was speaking to someone today at the Wall Street store because I had been charged sales tax on some bags and accessories that I had shipped to me in Scottsdale. And at 8.5% of the cost of Hermes, it's worth the call! Anyhow...the person I spoke with told me that Hermes is opening in Scottsdale in 2008!!!:yahoo:Perhaps it's going to be at the new "mall" at Scottsdale and 101, he didn't know about the location, even though I told him I had asked at Fashion Square...
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    Hermes Scottsdale?

    P.S. I can't wait either!!
  3. That will be a fun store, Arizona is such a lovely place.
  4. Yeah for Scottsdale- I can't wait as Austin is in the planning stages too!!
  5. Happy H shopping everyone! Make sure you get your store opening invites!!!!
  6. How does get one of those MrsS??
  7. Don't get too excited, I was chatting with a friend at the corp. office and Austin isn't even on the radar until 2011 at the earliest.
  8. That's okay I'm not going anywhere!!:heart:
  9. Seattle is also on the horizon!! Now, how do we score those invites?? I plan on camping out on the doorstep of both!! :jammin::nuts:
  10. You and me both!
    I hear the Seattle one will be in Bellevue at the Braeburn. Haven't heard if they have procured their lease.


  11. Woo Seattle would be AWESOME!
    I can sneak across the border & get cheaper Hermes! woo hoo!
  12. YAY!! I'm so excited!
  13. Seattle would be awesome! Portland would be even better (no sales tax)!
  14. ^^ YEEESSSSSSSS!!! Come to Portland!! I'll sweep the floors and dust very carefully around fantastic H things!!!
  15. WhooHoo! My best friend lives in Scottsdale and my sister-in-law in Seattle!!! We'll wait!