Hermes Scarves


Jan 17, 2006
I just got into the Hermes scarves craze. I took a look at them yesterday and was so impressed with the variety. I felt kind of bad making them take out scarf after scarf and then not buying anything but a twilly, which incidentally, I will be returning today because there's a slight run in the silk :worried:

My question is: What are your favorite designs for the scarves? Do you feel compelled to buy something because you've taken so much of the SA's time? Is the Bolduc design still available in stores?

And also, I would love it if some of you ladies can post up some of your scarves. I find it a bit impolite to go in, try on 6 scarves, having them fold and refold them, and then end up not getting anything. And this is coming from someone who is not at ALL embarrassed to ask for help when needed.
I only own two. Hopefully many more someday! ;)

My first one is this:



The SA was great. She literally pulled out like 20 different scarves, but it was more her choice than mine. She wanted me to see a ton to help me decide. I couldn't decide between the one I purchased and the Cheval Surprise. I still want the Cheval Surprise, but only a few months later I checked at the Chicago Hermes and they were sold out. (This was 2 years ago.)

My second was given to me by my Mom:



Her boss's wife has incredible style and class and gave her this scarf for Christmas one year. Unfortunately my Mom is not the scarf kinda girl, so she stopped giving her scarves as gifts. :sad2: Poor me!
Beautiful scarves Bex! I'm thinking of getting one or two to wear as bandanas, how do you guys usually wear them?...without looking like an "oldlady". Shu, you shouldn't be embarrassed about trying all the scarves, those things are expensive, you just want to make sure you really love it! That's what they're (SAs) there for, looking cute and folding. I usually just apologize (being indecisive) and thank them for their time.
Thanks everyone!

pursemama - When they get to see the light of day, they normally are just tied to my purse. I don't really get much wear out of them, which I really need to change! But I think they're super cute worn as a belt, or as a head scarf.

I'm sure some of the girls have the book where it shows all the different ways of wearing it. There are some pretty neat ways.
Wow! I can't believe they're actually selling the book on ebay! When I went to return my twilly today, I asked if they still had some of the designs that I saw online available...and they said if they're old, then probably not. The best bet would be the Hermes in Paris. Then I asked about the new designs and they gave me the book with pictures of the new designs as well as the book listed on ebay. Makes me want to get a scarf even more after I saw all the different ways to wear them!

I don't normally feel uncomfortable at all about looking at bags. But for some reason, I feel really bad about making the SA take out all those scarves, fold them, and let me try them on, etc. without buying ANY. I'm a really indecisive person though. I can handle a purse I like with 3-4 colors. But scarves whose designs are endless?? I can spend an entire day from opening till closing time and still not be able to decide! And that is scary. Haha.

Even though they are all scarves, each design looks vastly different on you as does each color. And there are so many shades! :wacko: How do you guys decide which scarves to buy? I might fall in love with a design, but not love it when I'm actually wearing it. Or vice versa. And I'm so afraid of not being able to find one that I love and wasting someone's time.

ANYWAY...bex, I love your scarves! You should wear them more! Especially since spring's here! I love the second one!
This thread has inspired me to take a picture of my scarves. I don't have a lot ... only 3 :biggrin:

Orange scarf, orange scarf with Hermes scarf ring in palladium, fuschia plissé with my Kelly; fuschia plissé close-up, white pochette.