hermes scarves

  1. hey ladies,

    please excuse me if this question has been posted before, and indeed, if it sounds childish, but is it okay to tie an hermes scarf on a non-hermes bag? I don't own an hermes bag or anything else, but was thinking of starting small and currently obsessing over twillys. i can see myself wearing them in my hair as well as tying on a bag......

    thanks in advance
  2. Acceptable, and fabulous. Your Hermes scarves want to be out and about!! Enjoy!!!

    Beware...many of have started with twillys and ended up .... well.....with more, LOL!!
  3. oh wow, thanks handybags/cobaltblu. i shall read those threads closely and ive learnt so much on this forum that i already have my eye on future hermes purchases....i talk about h so much to my dh, he now just rolls his eyes, but i think one day he would want me to "give" me something from h as we have two dds and he loves the idea of handing stuff down to them...
  4. ok, ive just read those threads, and considering the kind of person that i am, i think i would prefer to put a twilly on one of my non-label/monogrammed bags ( i think its a confidence thing). and also I would stick to a twilly as it seems the pochette takes up alot of "room" on a bag's look and Im so bad at tying ribbons that a twilly seems less complicated than a pochette. i would consider tying a twilly on either my
    black ysl muse
    red or black large gisele luella
    milk brown tods
    black miu miu (although this is a really slouchy bag)
  5. What I do sometimes with a full sized carré (this is the name for the "standard" 90 cm square scarves) is fold it NOT on the bias, but boxy style, and then fold it in half the long way, then put the ends through the loop.

    It is a smaller, tidier look, and can go on a casual bag---- but still gives a pop of color, and, of course, gets the scarves out of the house, which they LOVE!!

    Here are some pics...



    In my avatar you can see how I tie the twilly, it is a bit more girly that way! I love the twilly!!!
  6. firstly, those scarves are gorgeous. you have great taste! secondly, have you actually tied the scarves or just threaded them through the hardware loop? love the look. oh god, i see an obsession starting....
  7. thank you!!! :heart:

    The burgundy one is called Les Toits de Paris (the rooftops of paris) and the lavender is called Croquis Champs de Courses (sketches on the race course) :yes:

    Ok, so, after I folded the scarf up in a long rectangle, I folded that in half. So you have a long U shaped piece of material.

    Than, I folded THAT around the bag strap, and pulled the two ends through the loop end -- the U --- so there really is no knot, its just running the ends through the loop with the strap in the middle.

    Gosh, it makes sense in my head, does it make sense to you?
    I can post a pic tomorrow.....
  8. BTW both scarves are fairly recent, and in fact I got both of these in march....
  9. CB - you are the master enabler.... poor wantitneedit..... you don't stand a chance :p

    Cobalty enabled me into my first "big girl scarf" (carre) Les Toits de Paris earlier this year - that gal has cost me a fortune since ;)

    Thanks CB :heart:
  10. i will test your suggestion with a small cashmere scarf i have just to practise and observe the look. those colours just look amazing with that evelyn colour, so classy yet fun too. there was a black and white twilly recently on eBay that would have been a great first buy. I am initially thinking bolduc or tohu bohu to spice up the plainer bags and a print more for the bags that have a heavier look like the luella (there's alot of cow there!). i don't know, just playing around with ideas......
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  12. oops, sorry about that. i should add that my wardrobe predominantly consists of black, with the ocassional burst of colour (read chocolate and grey!) , in fact my bags are the only colour i possess, even most of my shoes are black!!
  13. handybags, i fear you are right. her avatar is just the best! what a killer combination....
  14. Hmmmmm - black, chocolate and grey you say..... :graucho: