Hermes scarves with horses...

  1. ...I have quietly continued to read the fascinating threads in this forum...I'm now up to page 75, working from the last page up, lol. And given my restrictive shopping location, being three miserable hours south of the nearest H shop, I'm realizing it will be quite some time before I can get my greedy hands on my wished for red Kelly bag. I may very well eventually have to purchase the bag online, which scares me, but anyway...

    My huge passion in life is and always has been horses. I know that Hermes and the equestrian motif are a match made in Heaven, but I am wondering if there are any scarves that you might have seen with horses as the theme predominantly, as opposed to the bits/tack/English equestrian motif. Sorry to be confusing, but I guess I'm looking for a scarf with horses, and horses alone...I seem to even recall seeing a beautiful scarf in one of the forum members avatars, but I am not familiar enough with everyone yet to pinpoint exactly who! :smile:

    Thanks so much, and again, I have to say that I am loving this forum. :yes:
  2. Not to worry....There are plenty of scarves for you!!!

    Lets narrow it down...

    Are you wanting just plain, naked horses?
    Or would you like them engaged in some horsey activities?

    There are polo horses, race horses, dressage/equitation horses, hunting horses, horses frollicking around with Louis XIV, horses in foreign lands, horses with carriages, horses on the race track, horses hanging around in blankets, horses romping in the riding school, horses flying through the clouds with knights on them (love those)... horses with soldiers... horses standing around looking fabulous.

    Also, do you like the more natural depictions, or would you be interested in the whimsical or sketchy types?

    What is your dream scarf??
    It may take some looking, and some time, but I can almost guarantee it is out there!

  3. double post
  4. Oh Belinda,

    There are SO MANY!!!!

    Currently available (just as an example) is the wonderful "Les Boxes" which is adorable! My suggestion is that you go to the Hermes website and check the scarves ' per motif' and then see what you like, there's a lot of them available right now. Another one of my favourites is 'Sequences' (also currently available as a reissue) which is inspired by the famous photographes that depict the horses' movements in different gaits.

    There is no end to the love relationship between Hermes and horses.... Thank God!
  5. Hi Belinda, are you referring to my avatar :graucho: ?

    It's gifted to me by a dear friend. It's called Les Mustangs. :tender:
    Horses Scarf.jpg
  6. all of your cute descriptions of horse activities, especially, "horses standing around looking fabulous"! Too cute, and wow, I guess I see what you mean, there could be many possibilities for me out there. How exciting! :girlsigh:

    And hello2703, thank you for your help as well, and silly me didn't think to actually go to the H site...I didn't realize that you could search by motif...that's great information to know. I love your avatar, by the way. :love:

    mrssparkles...YES!!!! Your avatar is exactly the one I was coveting!! That scarf is absolutely amazing! To say I love it is an are so lucky to have it. What a beauty, and what a special gift from your friend.

    You are all so helpful, and I appreciate the time you took to help me...I can't wait to find my horsey scarf. :yes:
  7. mrssparkles...I just had to gaze at your incredibly wonderful scarf again, and I am just in totally love with beautiful, its really enchanting. :love: :heart:
  8. Belinda, I believe it's still available on It's in the Classic section. Go get it now!
  9. to peek in right this minute! Thanks a million for the link, mrssparkles!
  10. There is a new one called Equestrian Ballet that has a water color effect. I saw it in aqua and it was stunning. It is my new favorite.
  11. Belinda,

    Hermes puts some form of a horse scarf out every season. Some are more realistic than others. Cobalt is right...the ranges of how horse are depicted is endless. Some of mine are below.
  12. Thank you gazoo...that one you mentioned sounds lovely, gosh, I'll have to track it down now as I'm intrigued by your description.

    And Quinn's Mom...I adore your collection, how fabulous! And so nice to hear that Hermes consistently adds to their horse repertoire. :smile:
  13. ^^ Call SCP. That is where I saw it.
  14. You've got a very nice collection of horses scarves! :heart:

    Thanks for sharing, Quinn's Mom! :smile:
  15. Love all the horse scarves posted, thank you for the pictures!