Hermes Scarves Pleated Love or ehh?

  1. BIG QUESTIONS :confused1: HELP! Can the pleated scarves be pressed out to become regular carre scarves? How do you care for a pleated scarf? will the pleats fall out? Will a decent dry cleaner handle this pleating without efexor?:s
    Finally, who loves these scarves and who doesn't and why?:confused1: Thank you ladies!:flowers:
  2. The pleats will flatten out with time, regardless what you do. However, they can be repleated by Hermes. They do have to send the scarf to Paris and can take several months to come back. A reputable dry cleaner will help preserve the pleats for a longer amount of time, though. I would ask your local store for the dry cleaner they recommend but the reputable ones are pricey.

    If you attempt to iron out the pleats, please keep in mind, the creases will still be visible. Then you have to ask yourself if you can live with the result.

    How do I feel about them? I prefer the flat carres. I find them more versatile, but others find the plisses more to their liking. You know what they say, one man's poison, is another man's meat.
  3. I love them - have 2 - easier to wear IMO!
  4. I personally don't own a Plisse, so I cannot attest to the wear and care....however, I do love them. I will own atleast one when I see the one I want.

    Scarves in general? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. They are soooo versatile and can be a very fun accessory....especially to a plain or casual outfit. They can be worn soooo many different ways or even tied on a purse. I have about 8 scarves and 6 pochettes.

    Thanks for the info HermesGroupie. Thats why I love this forum. For all the invaluable info you obtain.
  5. Don't have one, but I love the look of a plisse loose around your neck- so nonchalant and modern!
  6. I love them! I only have one, but I find it very easy to wear. Here's a pic of me wearing it with a tshirt and jeans from the scarf thread:

  7. There is a thread about plisse being ironed out with before and after pics. Let me see if I can find it...
  8. How come on if you are looking to buy a Pleated scarf they never tell you the name of the design or show you what it looks like opened up a bit? Just a *****y moment excuse me....
  9. Oh that would be great! Thank you Rose!
  10. You look great in your pleated scarf Abbyroad, but a little pale? :rolleyes: have a great day!
  11. The name could be read off the tag, if your store is in the practice of using them. Also, the plisses lag a few months behind the release of the carres.
  12. A plisse is spectacular and so unique when it is tied that special way to look like a flower blossom.