Hermes Scarves on Bluefly

  1. In case anyone is interested, Bluefly has a lot of Hermes scarves available.
  2. Thank you! I never noticed before.
  3. This one is pretty cool:

  4. Nice post...I am sure everyone will take note
  5. i reallllly want one, is that a fair price?
  6. I just ordered that scarf and a few others. I have never seen these before on Bluefly. I think it is fair because I beleive they are near $500.00 for retail.
  7. WOW. They do have a pretty good selection. Prices seem reasonable.
  8. :love: Beautiful!

    Thanks for the heads up, slc. I'm going to check it out!
  9. I just ordered a scarf and a tie and used promo code NEWN15 for 15% off.
  10. There is a wide variety is you are openminded, but I don't think the prices are killer. With the 15% off it is better. The retail is usually in the $300 range for the scarves...wait, didn't it show retail on there?
    Unusually, I like to get an amazing deal or I will go right to the boutique and buy the one I have my eye on.
    For anyone who gets one they can't beat it!
  11. Agree with Kellybag and know what she's saying. Do these scarves come with the orange scarf box, ribbon and shopping bag? I have kept my 15 year old Hermes scarf in its original orange box all these years and to this day, I still remember the romance of walking into the Hermes boutique and buying it there. Think about whether this experience is worth the money you save. I also heard Hermes has sales, but not sure when or where. It's the romance, ladies! Also, 20 percent is not a huge discount, like kb said.
  12. Well, with buying and scarf on bluefly and an extra code (plus no tax) I was able to save $100. You're right, it's not the same experience...but I'll save myself some money for something else down the road.

    If you find one you really love - it's a great deal!