Hermes Scarves on Bluefly Question

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  1. Those who have bought Hermes scarves on Bluefly, do they come with price tags? I just bought a Hermes scarf from Bluefly but it did not come with a price tag. The weight of the silk, the sheen and the orange box looks just like my other Hermes scarves, so I believe the scarf from Bluefly is authentic, but it was missing the price tag.
  2. it comes with the orange box? does it have a "S" stamp on it behind the name tag?
  3. No "S" stamp. There is a small care tag that says MADE IN FRANCE SOIE 100% SILK [care symbols] DRY CLEAN ONLY.
  4. Just there any possibility that these scarves can be second run and have slight flaws (not a big deal if you can't find them) and not first run, first quality? Your thoughts?
  5. I saw something on the Balenciaga thread recently about questioning the authenticity of B bags from Bluefly...don't know where it stands now though...
  6. The scarf is beautiful but now that you mentioned it, I worry about the authenticity. Plus there was a hair on it that is different from my hair so maybe another customer wore it and returned it. Think I will return it.
  7. Birkinbaby....If it were me, I'd probably return it too. It sounds like someone bought it, wore it or just THOUGHT they'd wear it but changed their mind after removing the tag and returned it. After hearing the sad news about the BBags I don't trust Bluefly any longer....which scarf did you buy?
  8. yeah, i would return it too. are you really saving that much when you get it at bluefly? rather buy it at a Hermes store so that you can build a stronger relationship with your SA.
  9. thinking exactly. In fact, has some really lovely ones that I drool over and every now and then when I can't find a design I've just GOTTA have I check them out....prices are comparible to the stores but I save on taxes so sometimes it's worth it.
  10. Well, I got a scarf from Bluefly. I don't have any doubt it's authentic. I saved over $100 on it (with coupon code and no taxes). I'm really happy. I will buy from the store as well - but sometimes that extra $ here and there adds up!
  11. Yep....very true. I bought two scarves from the store and one from an eBay store and saved a little bundle! What I save I put aside for my next Hermes bag!!!!!:graucho:
  12. You know...if it looks good and you feel good about it I say keep it. It is when you don't and it bothers you that you should return it. I don't mean to place doubt in anyone, but I just wondered about it all.

    I recently bought some sterling silver frames from there as gifts. They were packaged lovely with authenticity certs., but I kept looking at them wondering why they are on bluefly. Are they seconds or irregulars and am I missing something there? I am sending it off as a gift and I just hope the recipient thinks it looks lovely. I hesitated to buy them there, but they are brand new from a well-known sterling design house...I just hate to be mislead. You know what I mean?! Could there be a defect and they don't disclose?