Hermes (Scarves) = Garanimal?! Is it just me?

  1. Okay, so I have been thinking about this...I absolutely CANNOT get dressed without an Hermes scarf to use for coordination! Not at all!! I buy my clothes to match my scarves! Is that sad or what?! :shame:

    Does anyone else TOTALLY coordinate their outfit to their scarf or any other Hermes items? :confused1: Do you perfectly match your bag to you outfit (or, eeks, your shoes? I did learn from Stacy and Clinton that you no longer need to match shoes/bags!:lol:)?!

    Apparently, there's a name for this type of sickness and it's called.....Garanimal!! :push: I had Garanimals when I was a kid in the 70s! Elephant top matches Elephant pants, etc.

    According to the Urban Dictionary, "Garanimal" is slang for "matchy matchy, overly matched, too coordinated, hyper coordinated, & ultra coordinated!!"

    Used in a sentence "Look at PreppyCowgirl in her cream suede skirt, orange sweater set, black tights/shoes and a black/orange/cream Pani cashmere scarf!!! She is way garanimal!" (<--today's outfit! :shocked:)

    What am I to do?! :shrugs: I always thought matching was a good thing! :s

    I guess I am just destined to be a non-chic garanimal!!

    Even my freakin' PreppyCowgirl icon is totally matched! Including the dog!! It is a sickness I am afraid! LOL!! :roflmfao:

  2. I think it´s adorable and not sad at all:nuts:
  3. I'm the same as you about a scarf or shawl...I wear one every day.

    I think there is a difference between being matchy matchy and being "pulled together"... in other words, we, of course, want our outfit to "click".... to be color coordinated so that colors don't fight with each other, etc. I'm not sure, though, where the point is from being "pulled together", coordinated, etc. to becoming matchy-matchy. I'm thinking that it is subtle and we'll know it when we see it!

    I haven't noticed any pics in the H forum of totally matchy-matchy to a fault.
  4. Same here! I'm matchy-matchy, too. And sometimes it makes me feel a bit boring :shame:. Especially since I'm only 25 and should probably be wearing crazy clothes. But wearing an H-scarf can never be a bad thing, so who cares...
  5. I am not matchy-matchy but I am always coordinated and the scarf and bag play a big role.
    Just an example, outfit for Sunday night: grey dress pants, red sweater, black boots, black jacket, black belt, 'impose ta chance' scarf in black (on the red sweater), red bag, black/red gloves.
    Outfit for today: jeans, brown boots, caramel turtleneck, orange/brown 'touch me' scarf, brown belt (the brown side of the same belt), brown gloves, barenia Kelly.
    I cannot help it. But IMO it's not matchy-matchy (which I would find horrible) but just put together. Or is it matchy-matchy?
    Whatever it is, I am guilty as charged!
  6. pcg, Garanimals...thanks for bringing back memories of a bad
    polyester world. ;) *LOL* And I usually think going matchy-matchy
    is a good idea, until I started watching Stacy and Clinton
    as well. ;)
  7. Hi. My name is GGA, and I'm a GARANIMAL. Sometimes I'm a garanimal twice a day, even. And I'm happy. And I'm not changing. So there. The end.
  8. I will buy scarves to match my bags to bring out certain colors or pull an outfit together since I'm mostly in neutrals. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm a bit OCD in that once I get a new colored bag, I feel very compelled to buy an enamel bracelet or scarf that has that color in it somewhere.
  9. I am like that with jewelry. I collect vintage costume jewelry and wear mostly black or grey - that way, I never have to think about what jewelry to wear because it will always go. And I think it's great that you wear scarves all the time - so few women know how to wear accessories properly. I hear it all the time - that they would wear a scarf or jewelry but are too intimidated. So think of yourself as a chic role model!!!
  10. Oh PCG, thanks for explaing what a garanimal is because i had no idea!

    This reminds me of a "friend" in college who described my style as "mannequin logical" and I was like "the ell? what does that mean?!" She meant that my outfits were coordinated as one would find on a mannequin in a store. Um, nice.
  11. Oh, not I :p
  12. PHEW!! Thank you everyone!! Glad to hear I am not the only matchy-matchy garanimal person!! :graucho:

    Maybe it is that whole 'Stacy/Clinton' thing... I must stop watching that show! That and "How do I Look?"

    Besides, when I see the outfits they pick out, while chic (I guess...), I think to myself "no way! a scarf wouldn't go with that!" :nogood:

    I guess in our own way, we are all Hermes chic! Even if a bit 'orange' garanimalish! :lol: Orange Birkin goes with Orange Tohu Bohu! Ta da! :cutesy:
  13. Rose, you always look smashing!! :heart: No garanimals for you!! :smile:
  14. ^^^ Aww, you are too kind... :heart:
  15. Care to let a 'garanimal' gal in on your style secrets?!?! :graucho: Teasing...

    I am so thankful for Hermes scarves! Now I know how to dress!

    "Does this match?!?!" :confused1: Grabs crisis averted! :lol: