Hermes scarves buying and selling

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  1. where do people go to do this besides ebay? thanks!
  2. If you want to buy online you can try:
    the hermès website
  3. is great too.
  4. If you live in NY then CocoB gave you a perfect answer.
  5. love its-all-goode!

    hiya Andee! hugs to you!
  6. I am also a huge fan of It's All Goode, Jan is awesome :yes:
  7. It's All Goode is the best! Greenjade also has an online (non-ebay) store.
  8. If I recall well, the scarves Yahoo groups had buy/sell sections...are those groups still online?
  9. The groups are still on line. Members do post lists of scarves for sale periodically. You need to email the moderators for an invitation to join each group.
  10. London and Paris both have resale shops which sometimes have scarves. Quaility varies enormounsly. Check things like the "Time Out" shopping directories for each city, or do an online search for newspaper articles / reviews.
  11. I echo what others have said about its-all-goode. Jan is highly reputable and expert in all manner of Hermes textiles. She is great on either the sell or buy side, and a very nice person as well.
  12. Can you post the link to Greenjade's non ebay store? I have purchased several lovely scarves from (him/her?) on e-bay.
  13. H has twice a year sales in NYC and BH at 40%% off also

  14. Another strong recommendation for its-all-goode.

    Very helpful seller. Excellent selection of scarves, very accurate descriptions, and lots of education to boot. Quick to direct you to another seller, like greenjade, designer silk scarves, and luxury-scarves, when she knows they have something that might suit you.

    Integrity evident.