Hermes scarfs/pochettes like drugs???

  1. I'm addicted! After purchasing my first pochette (and my first anything) from Hermes, I must have more! I want one of each colour & scarf rings....and...and...oh, I can't breathe!:blink:

    Okay, seems ridiculous, I know, but I truly feel like I MUST have more now that I have this one! Especially seeing everyone's pics & the different ways to wear them!

    Fortunately, the pochettes are relatively affordable, so this will be a pretty easy collection to continue!:drool:
  2. Watch out..... you'll quickly start collecting pointus, carres, mousses, cashmeres....
  3. then china, bags, leather goods, forks, spoons, watches, and so on
  4. To answer your question, yes. Especially when you find yourself closing in on triple digits and justify it all by saying there are people who are worse than you.
  5. HG I need you to keep it going so that you can continue being my "worse than me" example. :graucho:
  6. Gee, thanks.:p
  7. Seriously H scarves should come with a warning on the box. They are more addictive than crack...or crisps :sweatdrop:
  8. more expensive, too. :rolleyes:

  9. Yes, she is not kidding. Our Queen Rose used to have not a single carre........back in the day......a few short months ago.......:p
  10. Uh oh! What have I gotten myself into?? :rolleyes: LOL! Oh well....
  11. and now she even has a blog called The scarfologist!!!
  12. OMG, I didn't see her blog before--Rose, that is so cool!

    Spinky, the scarves are waaaaay too addictive. So beautiful, and hunting for your favorite pattern in just the right color becomes such an obsession. My husband says at least they don't take up much room, lol!
  13. So true..... I always say, well, HG has 10 times (atleast!!) more than me....
  14. Wait until you start buying multiples of the same scarf in the exact same colorway.
  15. lol, I am a total gonner....