Hermes scarf with Aztec motif

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  1. Is there such an HERMES scarf with "Fabulous Aztec motif depicting an Aztec god/icon with gold, turquoise beads and feathers s gold, turquoise beads and feathers from 1988. Thanks
  2. I assume you are talking about this ebay auction?

    The design is called Mexique, and there is more information here.

    If you want to find out whether this particular scarf is authentic, you can post it in the thread. The one in the auction I referenced looks good to me, but you would probably want input from other members.

    Good luck finding what you're looking for! Hermes scarves are a joy to chase after.
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    Yes, there is such a scarf. I have one that was given to me by my husband's uncle. xxx
  4. I got a Mexique during the early 90s, I think. It was hard to tie so the little god in the center showed. There are probably better ways of tying scarves commonly used today.
    But it was a great scarf while I wore the sage green that mine came in. I believe a hot pink version was also made.
  5. oooo wow i know i looooveveeeee it !!!!! i have mexican heritage and would just love to find it !!!
  6. Here is a photo

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