Hermes scarf - spring 2006

  1. I've been tied up with final exams the past few weeks (still have two to go), so I haven't been able to take pictures of my new scarf or visit PF as much as I would have liked... :cry: I finally had some free time today, so I seized the moment and had a bit of fun with my camera.

    This scarf, a gift from my fiance, is from the spring 2006 collection. It's called "Fleurs et Plumes" (Flowers and Feathers). The colors are so vibrant and alive, and the feathers remind me of my precious pet cockatiel. It's my first Hermes scarf, hopefully one of many. :amuse: There is also a silver scarf ring that works really well with many of Hermes' scarves (bottom of the first picture), so this was a good first purchase. The SA kindly gave me the scarf-tying manual as well as the scarf catalog.



    I also received a LV beige inclusion bracelet PM -- I wear it almost every day. It's very bling, but in a subtle way (that's ironic, isn't it?)

  2. the scarf is very pretty! it's perfect for the spring!!
    love the bracelet too ! enjoy your new things!!
  3. Beautiful scarf!! I like your engagement ring too...simple and very pretty :smile:
  4. that's a beautiful scarf and it looks even better on you :P......i have the scarf ring in black and i absolutely love's sooooo useful :shame:

    and of course i love your bracelet......i'd love to have one of those....:love:
  5. Gorgeous scarf. You really have excellent taste. And your engagement ring is amazing.
  6. Thanks!! :smile: It's a Tiffany & Co. classic 6-prong platinum setting, very simple but I decided to stick to timeless and elegant. I'll get the super-bling Legacy for my right hand one day in the distant future.
  7. The scarf does look fabulous on you. I also like how you tied the scarf -- I can never tie my scarves that well. The bracelet is also so pretty!!!!
  8. Thanks! :smile: I learned to tie the scarf from the SA and also from the book she gave me, which is the official Hermes scarf-tying manual. There are many cool looks and ideas in there.
  9. What a beautiful scarf! Very sweet of your fiance to give you such lovely gift. Love the ring and the bracelet as well.
  10. Very nice! The scarf is so pretty and delicate. I love the bracelet (and your ring!) too.
  11. Such a lovely scarf! I've started looking at Hermes scarves myself lately and yours is just the push I needed to get myself to the Hermes shop in San Francisco this weekend! It's beautiful...
  12. I love both the scarf and bracelet. :smile:
  13. Just stunning! They are equally lovely. Hope you enjoy them and best of luck on your remaining finals.
  14. Very spring-like, Clanalois!
  15. It's beautiful, clanalois :nuts: Great choice. Your photos are beautiful, you have photo talent! :amuse: