hermes scarf rings

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  1. do any of you ladies own one of these, and if so, do you think they're worth getting? i saw them used in the hermes playbook and they seem pretty cool (turning a scarf into a headwrap/belt/etc.)........and i was wondering if you thought the ring would work well with an LV bandeau in the black multicolor, or would that look weird? i'm worried that the bandeau is too skinny to work with a scarf ring....oh and for reference they cost $125 each

    also...what color should i get?

    i'm considering these....

  2. I love the silver one.

    Side note: I'm going to Hermes on Saturday! :smile: It's a special treat for me! I'm going to ask my fiance for a scarf and a scarf ring. Hopefully there will be Kellys or Birkins, although I will not be purchasing (yet). I have too much pride to beg my
  3. here are some of the style using the ring from the playbook that i like.....

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  4. can't see the pictures :shame: How do you tie your scarf w this?
  5. are up now

    clanalois.......i have no pride.....if it would get me a birkin i would get down on my knees and beg in the store :sad:

    and you can just tie the scarf around ur neck in the classic way using the ring obviously.....
  6. tks, i can see now. Don't think I could tie like that. Wouldnt know how to begin.
  7. LOL, don't give me ideas!!!
  8. I love it used in her hair (I wear a lot of scarves in my hair). Do you think that would work with the 35" scarf - or would it be just too large?
  9. lol i'm completely inept at tying to.....thankfully the book has little diagrams that kinda show you step by step how to achieve each look...... :nuts:
  10. i'm thinking it would fine with the 35" scarf folded worry is that with a skinny scarf like a twilly or LV bandeau it might look odd? :weird:......that's my favorite look too tho :lol: i never would've thought of it
  11. I love them all... I'd get a silver one first. :biggrin:
  12. i'm kinda leaning towards the silver....i guess it would match the most scarves and be the most neutral....not that i have any scarves yet lol.....but tomorrow will be my mini shopping day--pick up a scarf ring and hopefully one or two LV scarves.....
  13. i'm planning on heading down to Hermes today but I'm busy til like 5........does anybody know what time they're open until?
  14. I have this one and I love it!

    But it doesn't work for the small pochette scarves really.


  15. never mind i found that they're open til 6 today...hopefully i'll make it

    and's gorgeous especially with your scarf how it's composed of the Hish shape of the scarf rings.....
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